Fat Flush Water Recipe
Fat flush water recipe.
Health, Healthy Living, Recipe, weight loss plan, healthy recipe, Fat Flush Water Recipe
Ebola An Epidemic
This is an update on Ebola!
News, virus, Ebola, Infection, Epidemic
Types Of Airplanes
Airplanes vary in size and speed because "General Aviation" (GA) does many, varied jobs.
cargo plane, Single Engine Plane, Twin Engine Plane, Sports Plane, Turboprop Plane, Busniness Jet
Celebrate Daughters' Day
Read about ten ways you can celebrate Daughters' Day.
go to park, Write a letter to her, Her favourite food and meal at her favourite Lunch, Watch her favourite movie, Look through old pictures of her, Be in the moment with her
Benefits Of Cycling
Cycling is low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Regular cycling has many physical and mental health benefits.
Cancer and cycling, Diabetes and cycling, Mental illness and cycling, Obesity and weight control, Cardiovascular disease and cycling, Bone injuries, arthritis and cycling
India Republic Day 2015
Republic Day is the name of a holiday in several countries to commemorate the day when they became republics.
History, CELEBRATIONS, republic day, Chief guest
Swine Influenza
Swine influenza virus is common throughout pig populations worldwide.
Swine influenza ( swine flu ), 1918 pandemic in humans, 1976 U.S. outbreak, 2007 Philippine outbreak in swine, Signs and symptoms in Humans, Prevention of human-to-human transmission
Get Rid of Ants Cheaply a
Stop an ant invasion by using a few known natural ant repellents that you can form, using what you have in your pantry.
herbs and spices, coffee grounds, Vinegar Water Mixture, Chalk / Baby Tack Powder, Borax & Jelly Mix, Cumcumber Citrus Peal
Alternative Fuels
Alternative fuels, known as non-conventional or advanced fuels, are any materials or substances that can be used as fuels.
Hydrogen, NATURAL GAS, propane, Biodiesel, ethanol
Financial Budget
A budget is a quantitative expression of a plan for a defined period of time.
Cricket World Cup Scores
In the league matches West Indies have defeated Zimbabwe with a handsome margin this shall boost morale of the WI players.
ICC World Cup, World Cup 2015, !5th Match, West Indies Vs Zimbabwe
Australia Vs New Zealand
Narrow win for New Zealand in low-scoring thriller!
Sydney Cricket Ground, ICC WORLD CUP 2015, MATCH No.20, Australia Vs New Zealand, N Z Team won in a very close low scoring match
International Women's Day
Governments and activists around the world will commemorate the 20th anniversary year of the Beijing Declaration.
empowering humanity, Empowering Women, Women’s Day celebrations, Respect and love for women
Hindi Film Song
This movie that gave actress Madhuri Dixit her first big break, and reaffirmed Anil Kapoor's status, after a successful Mr India.
Hindi film song, Film-Tezaab ( 1988 ), Madhur's big break movie, Then very popular hindi song
Lata mangeshkar live in…
Lata is an Indian singer, and occasional music-composer. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India.
The melody queen sings for 5 decades of heroines, Born: September 28, 1929 (age 85), Indore, Siblings: Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Hridayanath Mangeshkar, Meena Khadikar
Acidity is generally a consequence of several external factors like eating habits, fat diets, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption.
constipation, acidity, nausea, restlessness, indigestion, Burning in stomach & Throat
World Health Day
World Health Day celebrated on 7 April, with WHO highlighting the demands and opportunities related to food safety.
Health, World Health Organization, Health Awareness Day, Global Public Health Campaign, Theme 2015 Food Safety
Quit Smoking Ten Tips
A good plan addresses both the short–term challenge of quitting smoking and the long–term challenge of preventing relapse!
smoking, quit smoking, stop smoking, ten tips, 10 Best Tips to Quit Smoking, Practical Steps To Quit Smoking
Senior Group Shocks All!
This group of senior citizens shocked everyone.
Music, Art, Video, talent, Britain's Got Talent, PERFORMANCE
IPL 2015 Match 1
Inaugural match of the 8th version of the DLF IPL Tournamet, 2015
tournament, Indian Premier League, First Match, KKR Vs MI, On 9/4/2015
IPL 2015 Match 8
The lack of batting depth has always been an issue with Royal Challengers Bangalore and has often held back as good a finisher as AB.
IPL, Indian Premier League, ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, Deccan Chargers Hyderabad, Hyderabad Team Won
IPL 2015
Rather un-expected result, Delhi team batted well to clinch the match. Mayank Agrawal was crowned "Man Of The Match".
punjab, IPL, Delhi, Indian Premier League, Match 10, Won by DEL
IPL 2015 Match 12
Relatively high scoring match with names of the game in action.Team performing better on the day has won.
IPL, Chennai Super Kings, mumbai indians, Won By Chennai team
IPL 2015 Match 13
With fluctuating fortunes during the match finally Delhi daredevils came out winners.
IPL, Delhi Daredevils, Sunrisers hyderabad, Delhi Team Won the Tie
IPL 2015 Match 15
Rajsthan team won owing to some very good cricket played by their batsman in particular and the entire team in general.
IPL, Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Rajasthan Team Won
Sania Mirza
Women tennis player from India had her share of glory. Now competes in doubles events. Sania & Martina Hingis Have been crowned.
Sania Mirza, Woman Tennis Ace, Competes Women Doubles, Recently Ranked No1
IPL T20:  Eighth Version
Alas Mumbai Indians won their first match of the IPL 2015 on their 5th outing. Hope they continue the winning spree.
Sports, Mumbai, IPL, Indians Premier League
Jet lag, a physiological condition from change to the body's circadian rhythms due to rapid long-distance travel on high speed plane.
Flying, EFFECT, Time-zone Change Syndrome, Sleep-wake Pattern, Travelling on Jet Plane, jet-lag
IPL 2015 Match 17
Daredevils entered fixture with successive wins and spoke of building the winning drive. They need a settled plan.
Sports, IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata Team Won, Vs Delhi Daredevils
IPL 2015
Very evenly toed match extended up to the Super Over and finally the Kings XI, Punjab Team won the fixture.
Sport, IPL, Kings XI Punjab, Rajsthan Royals Vs, Punjab Team Won
Robotic Reception
"We are aiming to develop a robot that can gradually do what a human does," said Hitoshi Tokuda, chief specialist at Toshiba.
Robot For Customer service, To Do Human Acts, Humanoid Chihira Aico, new robots
100 Carat Diamond
The large emerald-cut jewel was described as "an internally flawless, type IIa stone"—one of the purest and most valuable diamonds.
Jewelry, 100 Carat Dimond, Sold for $22.1 Million, Sale With-in 3 Minutes
A popular activity for bachelor parties, and can be a way for a parent to play golf while spending time with kids.
Combination Of Soccer With Golf, Played On Shortened Golf-Course, And Enlarged Holes, It Does Not Cost Much, Investment As Low As $5000
Safe Drivers Rewarded
Dubai — Two lucky 'safe drivers' won cars as part of Dubai Police's white points system & 1500 people won other prizes for safe drive.
Rewards Brand New Cars, For Safe Drivers, UAE Dubai Scheme, Introduced In 2012
IPL 2015
Finally the Mumbai team is showing some character and the players are slowly getting back to their original form.
Sports, IPL, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Mumbai Team Won, Mumbai Indians Vs
Nepal Earthquake
Just a week ago 50 earthquake scientists from country the world met in Kathmandu to discuss how the area would cope with such!
Experts knew disaster coming, Kathmandu Meeting Before A Week, A Nightmare Waiting To Happen, At Least 2500 Dead, Toll Across Four Countries
Indian Goalkeeper
Gurpreet moved to Stabaek from East Bengal in August last year. By starting for the first team, he surpassed many big names!
height, goalkeeper, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Sandhu Goalkeeper For Stabaek FC, First Indian For seniorSide, Mohali Lad 6'6" Tall
Solar Powered Car
Students have sourced their green energy passion , through SERVe launch. Industry-academia collaboration is to foster innovation.
solar power, Solar Powered Car, Designed For Commercial Usage, Help From Tata Power Solar, University Students Develop
Dealy Ones Scent
We take the person's clothing, extract the odour - which represents about a hundred molecules and we reconstruct it in perfume form.
scent, odor, Knowledge, Bottling Dearly's Unique Scent, Katia Apalategui's Idea, Havre university technique
Top Richest British
The article is about richest people in UK It presents the top ten richest British people who have more wealth than any other.
People, WEALTH, rich, in 2013, Richest People In UK
IPL 2015
Almost evenly fought tie was finally won by Chennai team!
IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Team Won
Japan Gets Bigger
A stretch of coastline on Shiretoko Peninsula near Rausu has risen 50ft from sea surface in some places exposing the ocean floor.
japan, Shiretoko Peninsula, 1000 ft Land, Rose Above Sea
IPL 2015
It was a big match with big names from IPL in both the teams.The team played better on this day has won.
vs, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata Team Won
Indian New-York Judge
Chennai-born Raja Rajeswari , sworn-in as a criminal court judge in New York. The first India-born woman appointed judge in NY.
judge, Raja Rajeshwari The Judge, 43 Years From Chennai, Migrated As Teenager, New-York City Mayor
IPL 2015
It was surprisingly a one sided affair as the Punjab team could not provide proper resistance today.
vs, Kings XI Punjab, delhi dare devils, Delhi Team Won
IPL 2015
Slowly but surely Mumbai team is getting back into their self. It was a good match where Rayudu has come good with powerful batting.
Sports, IPL, mumbai indians, Mumbai Team Won, Rajstan Royals Vs
Romance Under Water
With 28 breathtaking underwater romantic,kissing and embracing photographs of the couple, the post is a nice one.
Romance, kisses, Underwater, Kissing, Romantic
IPL 2015
Rather unexpected results, though the match was fought on even terms. The team played better on this particular day, won.
vs, Chennai Super Kings, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Chennai Team Won
IPL 2015
At neutral venue the team performed better have won.
IPL, vs, Delhi Daredevils, Rajsthahn Royals
IPL 2015
The fielding if the Chennai team did had a say in their win today.
vs, Chennai Super Kings, ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, Chennai Team Won
IPL 2015
Slowly but surely the Mumbai team is on the course of winning.
Cricket, IPL, vs, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indian, Mumbai Team Won
Thai King Bhumibol
Thailand's revered but ailing King Bhumibol Adulyadej made rare public appearance today leaving the hospital he has been convalescing.
87 Years Old Monarch, Rare Public Appearance, 65th Coronation Anniversary, World's Longest Serving Monarch
Tuna For Age-Erasing
If you like to look younger and keep the wrinkles away from you, eat tuna every day to fight signs of aging. Click here!
Food, Healthy Living, eating, advice, Anti Aging, tuna
Smartphone Security
An authentication system turns smartphone's screen into biometric scanner using body parts!
Fingerprints, Via Facial Recognition, Yahoo Plans Ear, To Unlock Phone, Access With PIN
IPL 2015
It was the total team effort that resulted in Hyderabad team trounce higher placed Rajsthan Royals.
Sports, IPL, vs, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Rajsthan Royals, Hyderabad Team Wom
IPL 2015
Excellent performance of bowlers helped Kolkata team clinch the tie.
Sports, vs, Kolkata Knight Riders, delhi dare devils, Delhi Team Won
IPL 2015
It was a game of nerves, Mumbai team could hold on to theirs to clinch the cliff hanger.
Cricket, IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, mumbai indians, Mumbai Team Won
Britain Elections 2015
The Tories must strengthen a fragile economy, manage the uncertainty of a referendum on Europe and salvage a union with Scotland.
elections, Britain, Conservatives Triumph At Polls, Rather unexpected mendate, Impossible Seems To Have Happened
IPL 2015
Kolkata players performed well particularly Sunil Narain with the ball and A Russell with the bat enabling team to win.
vs, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Team Won
IPL 2015
A crucial tie for Hyderabad team which could be instrumental in getting them knock out stage ranking.
Sport, vs, Delhi Daredevils, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Hyderabad Team Won
IPL 2015
Owing to superb display of power batting by A de Villiers the Bangalore team won the tie.
IPL, vs, mumbai indians, ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, Bangalore Team Won
Beauty Mistakes
13 very simple and natural deeds which actually turn off men!
Beauty, mistakes, beauty advice, beauty mistakes, turn men off
Mount Everest Tourism
The world’s highest peak, an object of religious significance could become an open cesspit is sad outcome of how commercialisation.
Each Year Several Hundred , People Reach Everest , No Toilet Fecilities Exists, Sewage Discharge Issue
Vikas Wins Gold
The 31-year-old with a throw of 65.25m at Chula Vista on April 24 to qualify for World Championships in Beijing in August.
win, Gold medal, 65.14m Discus Throw, Jamaican International meet, 10th May' 2015
IPL 2015
It was rather an un- expected result however the team played better have won with skipper Warner leading from the front.
vs, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Hyderabad Team Won, Kings XiI Punjab
Oldest Person At 116 Year
World's longest-living people, named 115-year-old Jeralean Talley is per Department of Malaysia records already 116 years.
malaysia, Oldest people, Worlds Oldest Person, Surviving At 116 Years, A Woman From
International Nurses Day
International Nurses Day celebrates the event to increase awareness about nursing & nurses contribution towards health care.
Awareness, International Nurses Day, Celebrated On 12th May, Celebrated Since 1965, Founder's Birth Anniversary, nurses day
Rafael Nadal
Nadal, plagued by injury and illness at the end of last season, is still searching for his first title on the European clay in 2015.
Victory, Murray, nadal, Claycourt Force Nadal, French Open Favourite, Madrid Open Winner Murray
Kim Kardashian's Book
A new mom to her daughter, North, and happily married to the rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West is on top of the world.
Kim Kardashian, personal images, never Seen before, Selfish -Written By Kim, Features Pictures Of
Create Lasting Habits
When friends began asking what I owed for new found glow, couldn't wait to tell them about lasting health, weight loss & inner peace.
POST, habits, Trigger, create
IPL 2015
The match came out to an anticlimax. The leaders, Chennai team were expected to clinch the tie however they had no say today.
Sports, IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, delhi dare devils, Delhi Team Won
Un-Sinkable Boat
Having density lower than water, is strong enough to withstand the rigors of marine environment. To be put into test within 3 years.
boat, marine, Boat May Not Sink, Despite Damaged Structure, Light Weight Heat Resisting, Magnesium Alloy Matrix
IPL 2015
Due to rain interruptions the match was reduced to 10 overs a side. Punjab team had a dream start and that finally decided the result.
Cricket, vs, Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Punjab Team Wom
Self Driving Car
We’ve been running the vehicles through rigorous testing at test facilities & ensuring our software & sensors work as they should.
This summer, automated cars, Vehicle By Google, Vehicle On Road, 1st Self Driving
New Cat-Fish Species
Indian Scientists discovered a new species of catfish in the Chindwin river of Manipur.
science, Fish, new species, catfish, From Manipur India, New Cat Fish Species
US Helicopter Crash-Nepal
Eight bodies have been found at the site where a U.S. Marine Corps helicopter crashed while on a relief mission in Nepal.
News, nepal, While Carrying Rescue Op, 8 Bodies Found, Helicopter Wreckage discovered
IPL 2015
Punjab team could not find the touch and form of last year and almost surrendered meekly.
Cricket, vs, Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Chennai Team Won
IPL 2015
Rain played spoil sport as just after completion of first innings of Delhi team bating heavy showers resulted in abandoning the tie.
vs, Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Match Abandoned, Due To Rains
Restaurant Robots
Diners at a restaurant in China will no longer have to deal with human errors from their waiters. Inspired by Bots cafe from the US.
People, robots, To Replace Waiters, To Save Cost, Restaurant Employs Robots, robots replace people
IPL 2015
It was rather a one sided affair with Hyderabad team surrendering meekly and Mumbai team winning comfortably.
vs, Mumbai Indian, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Mumbai Team Won
Swami Vivekananda's
Chicago address of Swami Vivekananda at the Parliament of the world's religions began with "my dear sisters and brothers of America"
Spirituality, youth leader, vivekananda, SPIRITUAL LEADER, Chicago speech, world's religion
Size Of Aliens
Individual aliens would be more likely to live on big planet, Simpson wrote because such planets are likely to support more people.
science, Aliens, universe, wow, Planets, 50 Million Individuals
Biryani And Selfie
The words 'biryani' and 'selfie' been included in latest edition of the famous French dictionaries, Le Petit Larousse, for 1st time.
New words, Le petit Larousse, selfie, For First Time, Enter The Dictionary
Water Therapy
Water therapy for weight loss don’t miss it since time immemorial, water therapy has been considered the most natural.
weight loss, exercise, water, water therapy, FAT, Drink water
Girls Grow Taller
It is observed that boys are blessed with good height girls too can grow taller by adopting to certain schedules and diet.
Girls, growth, height, grow, exercises, How can
IPL 2015
It was a good match to be won by Bangaluru team which should cheer up their moods for the next all important tie with Chennai team.
IPL, vs, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Bangaluru Team Won
Rare Animal Friendship
Rare animal friendship between the born enemies.
Photography, Animal friendship, rare picture, Rare Friendship, enemy friendship
Metro Trains
Images of Well established Metro Rail Transport System around the world.
eco, reliable, public transport, metro train, Efficient Transport, Economical Transport
Benefits Of Pomegranates
Pomegranate fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruit with unique flavor, taste, and heath promoting characteristics.
lowers blood pressure, helps digestion, Prevents heart disease, Improves immunity & Libido, Lowers stress levels, 1Keeps Alzheimer’s at bay
World Hugging Day
A hug can lower your blood pressure, trigger the release of healthy hormones, and relieve stress. Doctors recommend 4-6 hugs per day.
Hugs make us feel “happy”, Hugs alleviate stress, Hugs improve our game, A hugging heart is a healthy heart, A hugging couple is a happy couple, Hugs let someone know you care
Bird Flu - The Epidemic
Most human contractions of the avian flu are a result of either handling dead infected birds or from contact with infected fluids.
H5N1, Influenza pandemic, H7N9, In domestic animals Birds, In domestic animals Seals, In domestic animals Cats
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.
geothermal, solar energy, wind power, hydro power, biomass, Biofuel
Wind Power
There are several windmills that are used to generate required energy mostly for industrial uses.
Wind Power to Navigate Ships / Boats, Pumping Water & Grinding Grain, Pumping Water for Crop and Livestock, Now to Generate Electricity
ICC World Cup Match No 19
S A captain AB de Villiers was laid low by illness however he found the perfect cure by hitting a breathtaking 162 not out on Friday.
Sydney Cricket Ground, ICC WORLD CUP 2015, Match Number 19, South Africa Vs West Indies, SA Team won by huge margin
ICC CWC 2015
It is a batsman’s game and Shikhar Dhawan probably got the Man of the Match award for the entertainment he offered the crowd.
ICC World Cup, Group B, league match, Match No.34
Health Benefits Of Guava
Guava tropical fruit rich in high-profile nutrients, flavor, taste & health-promo qualities, fits in the super fruit category.
weight loss, cancer prevention, Diarrhea & dysentery, Diabetes & Eyesight, Thyroid Health & High B.P., Brain Health & Skin Care
When it seemed like my whole life was closing in around me and everything that could possibly go wrong was happening to me.
Poetry, need, CLOSING, suffocating
IPL 2015
Mumbai Indians don't lack for resources to pull off a second IPL trophy & here are 5 of them that they hope to fire at Eden Gardens.
Cricket, IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Chennai Team Won
IPL 2015
This final of 2015 was rather an anticlimax, there were rather dull moments in the final match and Mumbai team won convincigly.
Cricket, IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, mumbai indians, Mumbai Team Won
Decathlon London 2012
Full Replay of 400m heats men's decathlon event, London 2012 Olympics as USA's Ashton Eaton sets time of 46.90.
london, run, Olympics, london 2012 olympics, Decathlon - 400m Men's
Romantic Songs 1980
Very melodious songs from yesteryears featuring many popular stars of Bollywood. Nice collection.
Music, bollywood, all beautiful songs, Very Popular Numbers, Indian Film Songs Collection
World's Largest Hotel
Abraj Kuda will be the biggest hotel ever once completed - 2017 With 10,000 rooms, heli - pads & 5 floors for Saudi royals.
hotel, saudi arabia, Biggest Hotel, Biggest Hotel being Built, In Mecca Saudi Arabia
IPL 2015 Match 2
Very closely fought match, decided on the last ball.
Chennai Super Kings, Indian Premier League, delhi dare devils, At MA Chidambram, Nehra Man Of The Match
How To Spend Your Day In…
The author give us suggestions how to spend a day in Lisbon. You can enjoy in some nice photos.
Portugal, tourism, Lisbon, How to spend
Lose Weight Naturally
Eat more protein, fiber, healthy fats and less junk food, refined & sugar foods and more water.
Health, weight loss, water, foods, Protein, Weight Loss Foods
IPL 2015- Match 5
An important fixture for Royal Challengers Bangalore which was ultimately won in 19 overs.
IPL, Indian Premier League, Bangalore Vs Kolkata, Gayle's Heroic Knock
IPL 2015
It was a McCullum show all along with powerful display of a variety of stroke.,
Chennai Super Kings, Indian Premier League, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Match 4
IPL 2015
Expected exiting finish for the match. The very last ball decides the out-come. Very impressive performance by Youngster Hooda.
IPL 2015 Match 6, Rajsthan Vs Delhi, Rajstah Team Won, Decider run on the last ball
IPL 2015, Match 7
Mumbai Indians were off color since the very beginning after loosing skipper, Rohit Sharma early in the innings and lost to Kings XI.
mumbai indians, Kings XI Punjab, At Wankhede Stadium, Won By Kings XI
IPL 2015 Match 9
It is a third straight win for Rajsthan Royals and third loss for Mumbai Indians in as many matches.MI to look for wining ways.
IPL, Indian Premier League, Third Win For Ryals, Third Loss For MI, Smith Captain's Knock
Corruption In FIFA
The most serious are the racketeering charges, which allege that officials turned soccer "into a criminal enterprise"!
fifa, World cup, Wire fraud, Charges Against 14 People, Accused Of Racketeering, Money Laundering Conspiracy
IPL 2015
Rather un-expected result, Delhi team batted well to clinch the match. Mayank Agrawal was crowned "Man Of The Match".
punjab, IPL, Delhi, Indian Premier League, Match 10, Won by DEL
IPL 2015 Match 14
After a ding dong battle it was the better team of the day who clinched the tie.
Sport, IPL, Kokata Knight Riders, Kings Eleven Punjab, Kolkata Team Won
Miracle Healing Powers
The miracle healing powers of grapes!
Fruit, Grapes, brain damaging, longevity gene, muscle recovery
Solar Helmet
Mahesh, the designer from India been involved in solar energy use for + 25 years, said these devices also help minimize global warmth.
Wear Helmet & Recharge, Smartphone And Laptop, Small Fan For Cooling, Designed For Trekkers, Civil Engineers & Sales Executives
Liquid Biopsy
Usual cancer biopsy, surgeon cuts out a piece of the patient's tumor, latest technique of Liquid Biopsy needs only blood analysis.
Patients Tumor Piece Analysis, Instead Cancer DNA In Blood, Monitoring Of Treatment, Whole Process Is Exciting
IPL 2015
The rain curtailed match of 12 overs has been won by Hyderabad team by D/L method.
IPL, Kolkata Knight Riders, Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, Hyderbad Team Won, Match Played ( D/L Method)
Spearfish Kills Kona Fish
Randy has been fishing all his life. He's a pretty skillful fisherman. He actually caught a 500-pound marlin!
hawaii, Sword fish, Fisherman, fishes, spearfish, kona fish
IPL 2015
An important match and a rather disappointing one for team Bangalore team at home turf was won by Chennai Team.
IPL, Chennai Super Kings, ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, Chennai Team Won
Magical Mushrooms
Of very attractive shapes and sizes with eye soothing colored mushrooms are a real delight.
Food, delicious, Delight, mushrooms, The magical world, wonderful mushrooms
IPL 2015
Mumbai team expected to give a good fight and win the tie to keep their position safe however after good start they caved in & lost.
Sports, IPL, mumbai indians, Mumbai Team Won, Delhi Daredevils Vs
Love Lock Bridge
For several months some Paris officials have expressed concerns about the Pont des Arts locks .
PARIS, Heavy, Pont Des Arts Lovers Bridge, Lock Panels, Be Gone Forever, remove love locks
700 Kgs Kite Crash
Giant kite festivals are frequently held in Japan & there have been cases of spectators being injured in the past.
News, injured, kite, Bamboo, Festival In  Japan, Kite Crash
About You
Love poem.
Love, heart, you, Poem, P. H. Madeley
Mauritius Election
Gurib-Fakim, 56, will be the first female president of the island, which gained independence from Britain in 1968.
president, first woman, Woman President, Renowned Scientist & Biologist, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
Rat Brain-cells
Results of 2.5 year long experiment depicted in an award winning paper at 28th International Design & Embedded Systems Conference!
rats, obstacle, Cultured Rat brain Cells, Aiding Robot Navigate, computer powered by rats
Gray Hair?
Scientists propose that failure of melanocyte stem cells (MSC) to maintain the production of melanocytes could cause graying.
smoking, Knowledge, late 50's, gray hair, In Our Teens
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay's "Home Cooking".
Food, Cooking, Recipe, Gordon Ramsay, home cooking
US Surgeon General
The Surgeon General of the U S is the operational head of the U.S. PHSCC a leading spokesperson on matters of public health.
Indian American, Dr.Vivek Murthy, Sworn Surgeon General 23/04/15, Takes Oath On Gita
IPL 2015
Bangalore team is slowly limping back to their standings though Rajsthan team too played some sensible cricket.
Sport, IPL, ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE, Vs Rajsthan Royals, Bangalore Team Won
Blister may form when skin has been damaged by friction, rubbing, heat, cold or chemical exposure.
extreme temperature, chemical exposure, Cause Forceful Rubbing, Small Clear Fluid-Pocket, On Skin Upper Layer
IPL 2015
On the given day, the team that performed better has won!
Sport, Chennai Super Kings, Chennai Team Won, Vs Kings Xi Punjab, Johnson's butterfingers
21 Reasons For Crock Pot
21 reasons to use your crock pot this summer!
great food, summer, Cooking, food and cooking, CROCK POT, reasons to cook
Best Catches Of IPLeage
Those are some great unbelivable catches by international Cricket Stars.
Sport, Cricket, catch, match, Impact, Spell Bound
Can't Marry? Don't Date!
Not all love stories have a happy ending, nor can any of us foresee the fate of our love.
Love, stories, happy, Fate, ending, foresee
Toxic Tuna
Consumer Reports experts argue these new studies provide compelling evidence that federal policies need change to protect the consumer.
Limit Consumption, Limit Tuna In Your Diet, Choose Canned Light Tuna, Cut Back On Tuna Sushi, Make Safer Seafood Choices, Avoid These Fish Entirely
Oldest Person Dead
Just remember her as being very beautiful, forgiving person, said her daughter Thelma Holloway, 77.
world's oldest person, Jeralean Talley, Died Peacefully, At Her Home, Born 23 May 1899
Abnormally Large Animals
Huge animals that you won't believe are actually real life living creatures.
biggest spider, longest snake, Tallest Dog & Biggest Rabbit, Biggest House Cat & Tallest Horse, Tallest Cow & Biggest Stingray, Biggest Wild Cat & Biggest Crab
Russian Engineers
Zaitsev dissolved the cards in acetone. Then covered resulting metal pieces into silicon. Read on.
chip, hopes, credit card, speed up, Russian Engineer Implants, Travel Card Chip
Bangkok’s Fastest WiFi
Average Suvarnabhumi WiFi speed topped all airports at 41.45 megabits / second well ahead of the Chattanooga, Tennessee airport.
ASIA, europe, us, Top 10 Airport WiFi speeds, Speed Of 41.45 Mbps, Airport Wifi
Daddy's Home Trailer
"Daddy's Home Official Trailer" #1 (2015) - Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg.
Comedy, kids, WILL FERRELL, mark wahlberg, movie trailers, upcoming movies
IPL 2015
It turned out to be almost a one sided match with Bangalore team winning comfortably by 10 wickets in 11th over.
Sport, IPL, Bangalore Team Won, Delhi Daredevils Vs, Royal Challengers Bamgalore
Top ten herbs for lungs!
lungs, Herbs, remedies, functions
Mother & Baby Survive
She had managed to open cabin door & run into the jungle as fire was spreading in the cabin. Then she remembered her baby & ran back.
crash , colombia, found, cessna, unharmed, jungle plane crash
More Hindi!
It is surprising that these words are not rare in English. Language research has evidence that these words are used in English.
new, language, New words, language development, arre yaar, oxford lexicon
Oldest Newly Wed Couple
George Kirby and Doreen Luckie, between the two of them they have had seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
British Couple, Combined Age 195, George Kirby 103, Doreen Luckie 91, dream couple
IPL 2015
Hyderabad team gave good account of them selves by defeating Punjab Team at their home turf convincingly.
Sports, Kings XI Punjab, Hyderabad Team Won, Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
Rubik's Cube Record
Originally called the Magic Cube, the puzzle was licensed by Rubik to be sold by Ideal Toy Corp. in 1980 via businessman Tibor Laczi.
riddle, Rubik Cube, new record, 27th April 2015, Collin Burns in Pennsylvania
Driver's Distraction
The technology can bolster efforts by parents, lawmakers & insurance agencies to reduce distracted driving by voice/ text devices.
Two Interventions, To Reduce Distracted Driving, In-vehicle Camera Capturing Events, Risky Driving Events, Blocking Calls-Texts While Driving
Great Wall Disappearing
In some places it is so dilapidated that estimates of its length vary from 9,000 to 21,000km, if missing sections are included.
CHINA, Great Wall, Natural conditions, Unesco World Heritage Site, Stretches Thousands Of Kilometres, 1/3rd Has Disappeared
Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera - "The Voice Within"!
Music, voice, Christina, WITHIN, aguilera, Stripped
Best Weight Loss Juices
Summer juices are all the rage right now, but to drink is to believe.
believe, summer, right, rage, now, juices
Wimbledon Prize Money
"We recognise the players are an essential ingredient of our championships," said All England Lawn Tennis Club chairman Philip Brook.
Sports, Tennis, wimbledon, Total Prize Money, 83% Higher To 2011
Exercise During Period
Stop using PMS as an excuse to skip exercise.
exercise, stop, skip, pms, using, excuse
Apple Smart Watch
The heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch uses technology called photo plethysmography. Here's how it works, according to Apple.
Doesn't Work Well, On Wrist Tattoo, Color Skin Too May, Have Problem
7 French Beauty Tips
Every woman always wants to look beautiful and each morning she spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting her look.
time, morning, woman, Beautiful, mirror, perfecting
Typhoon Chan-Hom
Closure of schools & suspension of flights & trains, + 51,000 ships have returned to port, Xinhua said, citing local authorities.
CHINA, Top Speed, strongest, evacuated, Powerful Typhoons, Disrupted Air Rail
7 Tips For Relationships
It feels so exciting when you fall in love and start a new relationship! New relationships are about hope,
Love, relationship, Relationships, exciting, Start, feels
Pigeon Sized Dinosaur
A dinosaur with bat-like wings once soared through the skies of China. The Jurassic dino the shortest name given to a dino: Yi qi
CHINA, Birds , Bats, A Bird Or Bat, Unearthed In China
Tesla Batteries To Power
Tesla Energy is a critical step in this mission to enable zero emission power generation, the company said in a statement.
Tesla, Electric Cars, Competitors, LG Chem
IPL 2015
The match was reduced to 10 overs each, the fortunes kept fluctuating from ball 1 to the last over, Bangalore won.
vs, Sun Risers Hyderabad, Bangalore Team Won, Royal Challangers Bangalore, Rain Interruption, Match Reduced To 10 Overs
Pluto Mission
Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930. When he died in 1997, he requested that his ashes be sent to space.
planet, Nasa, Pluto, space exploration, Spacecraft, New Horizons
Healing Beijing Grass
Unbelievable healing powers plant!
healing, NATURAL HEALING, healing plant, Murdannia Loriformis, BEIJING GRASS
Compulsory Siesta
Siesta is not compulsory in a Spanish town!
relax, spain, leisure, leisure time, Siesta, taking a time out
Alaska: Then & Now
Photographer Bruce Molnia fell in love with taking shots of the stunning Alaskan landscapes since he first visited the state.
Photos, Climate change, alaska, glacier, THEN AND NOW, comparism
Brief History
Follow the history of Bosnia & Herzegovina.
background, Look for independence, Dayton Agreement, Peace in the aria
IPL 2015
It was a better combination and better application that won the match for Mumbai Team.
IPL, Mumbai Team Won, Kingas Xi Punjab, Vs Mumbai Indians
More Power To Your Nap
Studies have found that taking a siesta improves memory & blood pressure. Children who nap during the day perform better.
children, sleep, Studies, nap, Siesta
Mayweather Vs Pacquiao
Boxing observers thought Mayweather and Pacquiao, considered best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, would never share a ring.
boxing, manny, mayweather, Fight of the Century, welterweight world championship
Britain's Smallest Dog
At 3" tall, the tiny one  is too teeny to hang around other dogs & thought as kitten. It hasn't grown since was eight weeks old.
Small, animal, Britain, smallest dog, Just Three Inches Tall, Weighs Just 14 oz
Vegetarian Roasted Chili
A extrem delicious chili recipe.
vegetarian, roasted, chili, recept
Facebook News
Facebook is being used by half of world's online population.
Networking, facebook, Social Network, online, being online, WORLD POPULATION
IPL 2015
With fluctuating fortunes, the team played on the day had won.
vs, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers hyderabad, Kolkata Team Won
10 Hottest German Models
Here we have compiled the list of top 10 hottest German models in 2015.
Hottest, models, list, German, top 10, 2015
Walking Backwards!
Front & back muscles of shin & ankle strengthening, increased cardiovasular endurance, more energy spent, knee & patella benefits.
fitness, Endurance, benefits, Walking Backwards, walking backwards benefits, strength muscles
Working Over 8 Hours?
That can increase stroke risk by 33%.
working out, Health, office, over time, no stress, Over working
Spacecraft Set To Crash
It will burn up in the layers of the atmosphere & only a few small parts of elements could reach the surface of our planet.
News, russian women, Unmanned Supply Ship, Falling Back To Earth
Virtual Sim Solutions
The technology allows up to 9 identities using one SIM. From technology perspective one can have 9 numbers from different operators.
technology, black berry, Black Berry India, Offering Virtual Sim Solutions
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Lawsuit against Pacquiao
Head of USADA, Travis Tygart, said Pacquiao’s case was not anti-doping issue. Question is why they checked ‘no’ on disclosure.
injury, lawsuit, Manny Pacquiqo And Promotors, Failing Shoulder Injury Disclosure, Could Face Disciplinary Action
IPL 2015
It was a battle of nerves and Dhoni and company could hold on to the gains through Jadeja / Bravo.
IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, Chennai Team Won, Rajsthaan Royals
How to Motivate Yourself…
Exercising not only helps you to stay fit but also freshens up your body from within. Despite being aware of the benefits of exercise
Financial Stress
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Nutella Hot Chocolate
Very tasty, hot chocolate recipe could add flavor to the gathering of friends.
drinks, Recipe, Hot Chocolate, nutella, nutella hot chocolate
'Smart' Bandage
'Smart' bandage to speed up wound healing!
Health, healing, smart, wound, BANDAGE, speed healing
Legend Schumacher
Corinna Schumacher is believed to have felt that her husband is unlikely to make use of them since his nearly fatal skiing accident.
Formula 1, villa, Private Jet, Post Near Fatal Accident, Schumacher's Wife, Schumacher accident
Parmesan Shrimp Recipe
A low-carb recipe for shrimp, salsa, and parmesan cheese. An unlikely combination, but delicious.
Salsa, kitchen, Recipe, tasty, Shrimp, parmesan cheese
Top 10 Most Beautiful Fe…
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Journey Trough Croatia
empowr's mission is to "Empower people by enabling opportunity, hope, and influence" by paying users for doing what they love: posting…
Philedelphia Train
Part of the US's most travelled passenger rail between Philadelphia & New York is closed, due to the accident.
People, News, crash , injured, train crash, train accident
IPL 2015
It was a rain curtailed match and Virat played captains innings to clinch the match.
Cricket, vs, Royal Challengers Bangaluru, Bangalore Team Won, Sun-risers hyderabad
Revenue Statement
"Daily Revenue Statement" 12 - 16 May 2015!
EARNINGS, daily revenue, Daily earnings, revenue statement, Daily Statement
Heaviest Strawberry
Weighing in at 250 g (8.82 oz) with approx. height of 8 cm (3.15 in), length of 12 cm (4.72 in) and circumference of 25 to 30 cm!
japan, breaking the record, Farmer Mr. Koji Nakao, The Distinction Of, Of 32 Years, biggest strawberry
The first emoji was created in 1998-99 by Shigetaka Kurita, and team working on NTT DoCoMo's i-mode mobile Internet platform.
smile, cool, japanese, smileys, emoji, Originally Meaning Pictograph
Green Tea
Green tea has many health benefits, some have been proven and some may just be folklore. One particular effect that green tea seems
Life, Healthy Living, delicious, drinking, green tea, breast cancer
Indonesians’ Hunger
For an increasing number of Indonesians, rice and noodles are no longer at the top of the menu. Bread is becoming a new food staple.
Food, help, Help People, feed people, Baked Goods In Deman, Bread Is Gaining
Highest Paying Team
Paris Saint-Germain are paying a higher average wage than any other club in any sport worldwide – with football clubs.
football teams, World's Best-Paid, Sports Team PSG, highest paying sports team, highest value teams, huge salaries
Ebola The Epidemic
Ebola an epidemic which has killed at least 961 people up till now needs special attention from all nations and individuals.
africa, danger, virus, sick, Ebola
10 High Tech Cars
Car technology is advancing quickly in the context. These ten vehicles offer something new and innovative.
Cars, road signs, feel the breeze, Green Fuel, superior sound, solar roof
New Generation High Speed
These are few mean machines for high and very high adventure.
speed, Yamaha YZF-R1, Ducati 1098, kawasaki ninja ZX 14, BMW S1000RR, Honda CBR 1100 XX Superblackbird
Carbon Footprint
The carbon footprint is a very powerful tool to understand the impact of personal behavior on global warming.
diesel, petrol, Gasolene, CO2 from fuel burning, Heating Oil, Carbon Footprint Calculator
Ebola Updates
It is very unfortunate that outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is becoming unmanageable and needs fresh approach to counter the effect.
WHO, SCHOOLS, NIGERIA, Ebola, West Africa
Teachers Day
Dr. Radhakrishnan opined that celebrating my birthday and the teacher’s day on 5th September would be my proud privilege.
celebrities, teacher, Teachers Day, need support, valuable guidance, Teacher’s Day Party
What Is Insurance?
Mainly insurance is used as an effective tool of risk management as quantified risks of different volumes can be insured.
Home Insurance, Flood Insurance, fire insurance, Insurance in General is a Risk Management coveri, Earthquake insurance, Boiler insurance
Benefits Of Walking
Walking, fast or slow, is wonderful, but now a study shows that to get the most health benefits from walking one must pick up pace.
Walking strengthens heart and lowers risk, Tones Arms, Legs, Bum and Tum, Walking boosts Vitamin D level, It provides much needed energy and, Most importantly makes you happy, Walking keeps weight in check
Keeping Lungs Healthy
A vital process, gas exchange is performed by lungs and respiratory system, removing waste gases out of the body which is important.
Lung Health Awareness, The Respiratory System, Importance Of Lungs, Protecting Our Lungs, Warning Signs of lung disease
World Daughter's Day
We are celebrating Father's Day Mother's Day, Chocolate Day, etc. But Daughter’s day is forgotten. Let’s celebrate Daughter’s Day!
Female feticide, World Daughter’s day, Every Female Is A Daughter First, Love Of Parents for the Daughters, Treat Daughters as Princess
Bananas For Healthy Diet
It does this by converting the natural sugars into instant energy and this is one of the reasons sportsmen consume it during intervals.
prevents allergies, Givesinstant energy Surge & Keeps Blood Pr. unde, Helps Lower Colestrol & reduces risk of Cancer., Enhances digestive ability & help combat stomach U, Relieve from constipation &helps curing piles, . Benefit weight Loss
Benefits Of Green Tea
Green tea is considered one of the world's healthiest drinks and contains one of the highest amount of antioxidants of any tea.
Green tea consumption decreases Tumor Growth, 10 cups green tea daily lowers total cholesterol, green tea prevents dental cavities & stress, Green Tea helps arthritis reduces inflammation.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer.
I want to be one of the best players, He’s the one player I’d love to pay money, Best winger in the world, Ronaldo is better than George Best, Ronaldo is better than Denis Law, I have nothing but praise for the boy
Chamomile Tea
Reason for difference in reported findings between women & men is unclear, though women were more frequent users of chamomile.
tea, women, For various medicinal purposes, Several Daisy-like Plants, Asteraceae Family, long life for women
Coffee For Masculinity
So how does it work? Well, caffeine relaxes muscles in the male organ, which allows for increased blood flow and a stronger erection.
coffee, masculinity, a new study , Drinking 2 cups of coffee, improve your Manliness
Trees Grown Into Chairs
Around 150 armchairs, 100 lampshades and other items including mirror frames are being grown out of the ground.
trees, chairs, Tree Rows Grown, Upside Down Chairs, Slowly Taking Shape
Headless Man Survives
Had sustained a C2 fracture to neck & complete spinal cord injury, which medics have described as almost unsurvivable.
SURGERY, in a car accident, Miraculous Survival After Rare, Man's Head Ripped Off
Armoured Wedding
100,000 rubles ($2,000; £1,300) gets you trip to your restaurant or registry office + all the necessary permits in armoured vehicle
Moscow Wedding Agency, Offering Newlyweds Armoured, Personnel Carrier To Hire, tanks for wedding
Tornado In Mexico
The tornado came as ferocious weather beaten swathes of Mexico & southern United States, where rescuers searched for 12 people.
mexico, tornado, rescuer, killing At Least 13 People, Tossing Cars And Trucks
Female Harley Riders
There’s a thriving, close-knit Harley-Davidson chapter in Dubai, represented by female & men too . They go out riding in mixed group.
dubai, Harley riders, Female Yemeni Rider, Dana Adam Fictious Name, Iranian Shima Mehri
Man Covered In Bees
A Chinese beekeeper has caused quite a buzz after covering himself in more than a million bees, and smashing a previous world record.
World Record, his body, Sets New World Record, Million Bees, Bees Swarm
Result Of Climate Change
The worst case scenario shows 99% loss in glacial mass, but even if we start to slow down emissions we may still see 70% reduction.
Rising Temperatures Impact On Glaciers, Glaciers in Everest region, Could Shrink At Least 70%, Even Disappear Entirely, By The End Of Century
China Home Super Rich
Check about the "new rich" from innovative industries such as IT, biotechnology & alternative energy .
CHINA, Alternative energy, Innovative, Super Rich, Innovative Industries Surge
You Are Also Late?
Repetitive lateness, if neglected, can become a part of your character. Here are a few tips to avoid being late.
watch , Punctuality, late, Be on time, LATE HABIT
Google's Bombshell
Allows Google to get back into search game by speaking apps common language & gives them a 2nd life with access user behavior & needs.
GOOGLE, Layer, Google News, new feature, Life & Interests
First Facial Recognition
The new ATM's are expected to connect with country's banks & public security networks, to guarantees, only cardholders withdraw money.
Developers Tsinghua University, And Tzekwan Technology, Counterfeit Bill & Facial Recognition, Wholly Chinese, To Curb ATM Related Crimes
Mental Health Care
The mind is a fragile thing and mental health care is one of the biggest needs of the day.
Health, mind, Mental, Fragile, needs, Biggest
Lago Di Como, Italy
Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy. It has an area of 146 square kilometres.
Travel, italy, lake, Beautiful, Lake Como, Bellagio
Drone To Round Up Sheep
Using a horn attached drone, Mr Sanders rounds up the sheep & gets them moving, before meeting the mob on his bike with his dog.
New Zealand, herding, drones, Sheep Dogs, Device To Move, Flock On
You Are What You Eat!
For blood flow throughout body & raised energy levels recommended foods are Salmon, avocados, watermelon, nuts & seeds.
Food, Health, Good food, Avocados
A Woman With Class
"A Woman With Class" poem.
Poem, Poetry, woman, Class, poet, Woman with class
Internet Parental Control
The best Internet security comes with improved Parental Control features, which provide extensive protection to kids.
internet, parental control, Cyber world, INternet Hacker, cyber threat
The Good Dinosaur Teaser
"The Good Dinosaur" teaser trailer (2015).
Family, Animation, Pixar, movie trailers, Dinosaur, animated film
Regression Trailer
Regression! Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke Movie.
mystery, Emma Watson, movie trailers, Regression, Ethan Hawke, upcoming movies
Extinction Trailer
"Extinction Official Trailer" #1 (2015) - Matthew Fox - a "Sci-Fi Horror Movie"!
Horror, sci-fi, extinction, movie trailers, upcoming movies, Cinema Junction
International Yoga Day
On December 11, 2014, the United Nations adopted an Indian-led resolution, declaring June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’.
Health, yoga, well-being, For improved neuromuscular coordination, balance & rejuvenated ligaments, practice Vrikshasana
Tattooed Mother Wins!
If a mother is taking medication she needs to check with her doctor if it is safe to breastfeed & in most cases it is fine.
court, Judges Version Infection Risk, Family Court Overturned Decision, Based On Surfing The Net, Woman Was Tattooed
23 Post-Exam Reactions!
With final examinations coming to an end, many students are rejoicing over their newly-found freedom.
freedom, Students, over, examinations, COMING, Rejoicing
Reham Khan Divorced?
There are occasions when the misogyny and gender-bias that exists in Pakistan becomes more obvious than ever.
gender, occasions, Exists, Obvious, misogyny, becomes
Meet Shabani
The 18-year-old silverback with brooding good looks & rippling muscles causing stir at Japanese zoo with women.
gorilla, Hunky, Silverback, SHABANI, Goodlooking Giant Gorilla, Japanese Zoo
Missing Airplane
The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has proven to be an absolute mystery with more questions than answers.
malaysia, flight, Airlines, Absolute, Proven, Disappearance
Military Plane Crash
A three-storey building was in ruins & a car destroyed on the ground when the C-130 Hercules crashed shortly after take-off.
families, dead, Military personnel, Passengers, Indonesian Air Force Plane Crashed, Into Residential Area
Father Of SMS Has Passed
Matti mentioned that, development of the SMS, a mutual effort with Nokia who helped the service to the world & make what it is today.
sms, Nokia, Short message service, As Father Of SMS, Matti Makkonen
Saudi Prince & Charity
The donation to be allocated to well devised plan through coming years but there was no time limit when donation would be spent.
Empower, saudi arabia, Philanthropic Pledge To Help, Build Bridges Develop Communities, Charitable Projects, $32 Billion Fortune
Kenny G is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all time.
Music, Jazz, Instrumental, Kenny G, saxophonist, Songbird
Love And Romantic Love
This is a collection of experiences, thoughts, readings, and the result of my discussions with people falling in and out of love.
Love, Romance, People, Relationships, emotions, Romantic Love
10 Public Companies
10 public companies that rely on government contracts.
government, medicine, contracts, Defense, global business, public companies
Super Typhoon Soudelor
The big storm may add another boost to the El Nino in the central and eastern Pacific, which continues to mature into a "moderate.
weather, rain, typhoon, Taiwan, El niño, Pacific Ocean
Underwater Tennis Court
Krysztof Kotala of Poland’s 8+8 Concept Studios has put forth plans for underwater tennis court off Dubai’s coast!
Underwater, Tennis, Polish Architect's proposal, To Build In Dubai, underwater tennis court, tennis underwater
IPL 2015
It was again a battle of nerves, Chennai team are also with out the services of star opener Bredon McCullum.
Cricket, IPL, vs, Chennai Super Kings, mumbai indians, Mumbai Team Won
Anti Aging Drug
Birmingham University Researchers believe that inhibiting enzyme hold key to develop ways of preventing/reversing adverse agin.
drugs, Anti Aging, AGE, Scientists Reveled, Muscle Engime Reponsible, For Age-related Problem
Smart Phone
The technology behind iris authentication relies on Fujitsu-developed, bespoke, high-output infrared LED illumination system.
smartphone, Fraud System, Iris Scanner, Eye-blink Unlocks Smartphone, iris-scanning authentication system
Disposal Of E-Wastage
Led by aerospace engineering professor's researchers the University of Illinois have developed heat-triggered self-destructing devices.
recycle, waste, trash, E-waste, Self Destruction Device, For Reducing E-Wastage
People aged +40 have 1% chance developing glaucoma, check every 5 years. Incases of family history, see specialist more regularly.
Tunnel Vision, Dry Eyes, Sore Eyes, Eyelash Problem, Long Sightedness, Molecular Hole
Fabulous Fats For Weight
All fats should be about 10 per cent in total of daily calorie intake. As good fats are not always less calorific!
eggs, sesame seeds, Avocado & Almonds, Walnuts & Flaxseeds, Groundnut & Rice Bran, Salmon & Olives
Attract Prosperity
Looking for ways to attract more money in 2015? It’s easier than you think.
Money, think, looking , than, attract, easier
Eye Of The Tiger
Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger!
Music, fanbox, Beautiful, Survivor, song, Eye Of The Tiger
Sports Science Facts
Common sports injuries include muscle cramps, muscle pulls, back strains, shin splints, tennis elbow (tendonitis), and more!
tennis racquets, Anaerobic exercise, Olympic Gold Medals, Dimples on a golf ball, distance of a marathon, tallest basketball players
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
Reversing "Type 2 Diabetes". Did you know?
Health, diabetes, healthy, sugar, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes
4 Bad Dating Habits
Dating isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be very difficult either.
Dating, easy, need, either, DIFFICULT, doesn’t
Recipe For Penne Pasta
After a busy day, you probably do not feel like slaving over a hot stove. This quick and easy one-dish meal is the perfect solution.
healthy, cook, Make, pasta, Recipe, tasty
Woman Lives On A Train
Renting an overpriced property in Dublin? Leonie Muller has decided living on a train in Germany, after a dispute with her landlord.
She's Fed-up Paying Rent, After Dispute With Landlord, Subscription To Board Every Train Free, She Uses Train For Bath Food, Writes College Papers Travelling 190mph, Bought $380 Subscription CheaperThan A Flat
Stress Is Your Brain Try…
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Lamp That Runs in Salt a…
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Learn A Language Fast!
Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be difficult.
foreign, Learning, have, language, DIFFICULT
Cope With Shortcomings
If you want to be happy, you should do your utmost to prevent yourself from things that can hold you back in life.
Life, happy, Happiness, yourself, shortcomings, ways
Things to Remember
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These 5 Things Combat Age
Alzheimer’s disease is runaway train barreling down on all of us. By 2050 people 65 & older with Alzheimer’s may nearly triple.
Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, Cut out sugar, choose healthy fats, Banish Heavy Metals
Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Gleaming with gold and diamonds, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a spectacular architectural work and the holiest Buddhist shrine in Myanmar.
ASIA, GOLD, Myanmar, temple, diamonds, Shwegadon Pagoda
Why You Should Be Sleepi…
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Drop Pounds In A Week
Do you want to lose a few unwanted pounds quickly?
weight loss, quick, eating, pounds, lose weight, want
Top 10 Bollywood Star Ki…
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Through A Rapist’s Eyes
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