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Is God just?
Is God just to allow Jesus to suffer and die for us? Many seeker asked that question. Here is the answer. Believe and be saved.
God, Jesus Christ, Sacrifice, just
Helping the suffering
Jesus went across the sea in search and wanting to help only one person to get well from his affliction. Can we be that example too?
God, Jesus, help, suffering, crying out
When You’ve Fallen in Fea
Sometimes we get fearful and we don't know why. In these moments we need to remember Hababkkuk 3:19 and stand on this promise of God.
God, courage, fear, Fallen, RESPONSIBILITY, steady
God can heal through Faith. He is compassionate to those who are in need and in need of healing. Can we do the same for His glory?
Love, God, Faith, Jesus, fear, heal
Waiting on God
Simeon waited for the birth of the Lord Jesus for his whole life, expectant in seeing Him, because God said that he would.
God, Jesus, spirit, wait, Salvation , Simeon
Time too Change is Now
The time to change is always now. If someone comes to you, and say you need to change, you should do it right away. Don't be Herod.
God, holy, CHANGE, law, John
When You Just Can’t Bring
We always believe that God can't handle our anger and grief toward Him so we aren't always honest to Him. God can handle it. He loves u
Love, God, anger, Grace, mercy , grief
The Healing of Christ
For many in the time of Jesus, just touching the hem of His clothes or a word he spoke would bring healing. He can do the same today.
God, healing, Touch, Jesus Christ, ailments
The Embarrassing Kiss
In our marriage and in our relationship with God, we can easily forget why we love them so much. Remember our first love.
Love, God, Marriage, STRUGGLES
Tradition over the Word
We, as humans, back in Jesus' day and also today, tend to like to override the Word with our traditions and culture views.
Jesus, hypocrites, tradition, the word, Overriding the Word
Sweet and Salty Speech
Salt is use in everything to give flavor or enhance taste. Our lives and our words should be given a little salt and sweetness too.
Jesus, Sweet, speech, salty, salt, use for salt
Do What You Know
God tell us to love Him with everything we got and love our neighbors as ourselves.Have we obeyed?Have we done what God tells us to do?
Love, God, obedience, Honor, yourself, NEIGHBOR
Coming out of You Heart
What we say and do defiles us, since it is through the intent of our heart that we do these thing.Are we attending to our hearts today?
God, heart, Understanding, Salvation , DEFILE, Evil Intention
God's Love and Healing
Jesus test a gentile mother before her daughter was healed. He test our Faith too. Are we persistent enough in prayer and our belief?
Love, Jesus, test, healing, belief, Gentiles
Dark Places
We all face darkness sometimes in this world, whether depression or conflicts. Pray for light, and God will give you light.
God, light, good things, black holes, dark places, heavenly light
Harder to be Full
When we go through trials, we are safer than when we have much, since we hope in God. It is possible for us to learn how to bound too.
God, prosperity, Empty, Full, Adversity, mercies
Dear God: I Want a Cloud,
The Israelite had a cloud to lead them in the wilderness. Though we don't have a cloud to lead us, we have God himself to lead in.
God, hope, lead, LOST, Hard Journey, clear direction
Asking for a Sign
There are things that define each generation. However, God is the same through all generation. So is it wrong to ask God for a sign?
God, Jesus, generation, SIGN
The Road Ahead
Even in the unplanned occurrences in life, God is in control.We might fret and try to make plans and figure thing out, but God is there
God, control, calm, fear, uncertain
Jeremiah 22:15-17
God warns people when judgment is coming. He did it to all the Gentile nation, He did it for Israel, and He will do it for us? Listen!
God, justice, Judgment, rightuousness
Making My Wife Cry Xmas
Marriage is a God given right, and we are called to love our spouses. However, we always forget the second part: to cherish them too.
Love, God, Marriage, cherish
I Longed for Something
God wants us to worship him with the passion, adoration, and all our strength.Have we refrain from it because of the fear of man?
God, Passion, confident, more, Worship
Our Spiritual Blindness
God touches, like He does this blind man, until we can see the light of His kingdom. He opens our eyes to see, and does so over again.
God, healing, Touch, blindness, sight
The Scribbled Truth
God uses us to influence and encourage people around us. Here is a story of such influence that comes from God's willing servant.
Love, God, care, encouragement
Words Matter
What you believe and what you say that you believe matters? From the answering who we believe in to rebukes, our words matter.
God, Jesus, question, rebuke
Not Being Ashamed
We all want to be and feel normal, but God calls us to step out and not to fit in. He tells us not to be ashamed of His word and Jesus
God, Gospel, ashemed
The Small Prayer
Jesus, you are my greatest dream, help me to love you more. Is this your greatest dream to love Jesus more? If not, why?
Love, God, Dreams, prayer
Stop! Stop Praying?
Sometime we have to stop and reflect on our prayers, especially when it comes to the ones we love. Here is a story of just that.
God, devotion, prayer, reflection
I Believe, Help Unbelief
We like the father in this story, may want to believe, but have some unbelief in our believing. Is this why we don't live out our call?
God, Jesus, healing, belief, teaching, unbelief
Who is the Greatest
Like children, we sometimes refuse to see the big picture. Jesus ran into this problem with his disciples. Service, not position.
God, teacher, service, THE BIG PICTURE
You Said What?
What you say, or text, or write, or post is the reflection of what is inside of your heart. So guard your words. Let's see how?
God, feelings, words, reflection
What Should I Do
God sometimes defers our longings and wishes, so that we could come humbly and broken to Him so that He can show us mercy. Here's how.
God, longing, humble, wait, prayer, Deferred
What We Bind Here
Our actions and our words can reveal a lot about ourselves and our God. What we bind or loose here will be what is done in Heaven.
Love, God, Caring, reveal, Loose, bind
The Rward Comes from God
Lent is here, and though this passage isn't about Lent, it reminds us that we do these things not for man, but for God.He is our reward
God, Man, Humility, Reward, showmanship
Engaging in My Own Life
Life is short and fleeting. We tend to take things for granted or neglect them all together. Take some time an enjoy life and moments
Life, God, Memories, special people, special moments, shortness of life
Don't Let a Bad Attitude
Even when your world feels like it is crashing down on you, you still have a choice to either become bitter or have joy through trials.
God, bad attitude, good attitude, joy in trials
Renew Faith during Lent
Lent calls us to renew our faith. With every story of Christ's victories over temptation, let it inspire us to do the same. Here's one.
God, peace, fasting, Temptations, overcoming, lent
Sheep or Goat
God will one day separate the sheep from the goat, but until that day comes, it is not our job to do that. It is our job to love all.
God, Reward, Judgment, sheep
Stop Reading Your Bible
We all do this. We have this checklist for things Christians do. Stop doing that, and experience the Word made live in our lives.
God, Stop reading, check list, start experiencing
Living in the Safety
Marriage isn't just a piece of paper nor is it something trivial. It's a picture of God's love and faithfulness to us. Here's how.
Love, God, Marriage, faithfulness, sickness and health, better and worst
Forgive, or God Won't
It is impossible for Christians to have an unforgiving heart, since God forgive us so much. But if we do, God will not forgive us.
God, forgiveness, Bitterness
The Signs of Time
Lent is a time for reflection, and a time to silent our souls to look at what God shows us for our time. Here's a story about this.
God, Signs, Times, Jonah
Where to Run
Life has times that overwhelm us and makes us feel as if we need to run away.Our reading today encourage us to run to God and His Word.
God, peace, run, stressed, overwhelmed
When I Question Gods Plan
We all have a special calling in our lives, but there are times when it seems that God repents of that calling. Here's a story.
God, calling, plans, feel forgotten, Delays
Our Good Good Father
God is our Good Father. All we need to do is ask, look for, and knock, and He will provide, either spiritually or physically or both.
God, Jesus, search, Ask , found, knock
The Danger of Being Angry
Jesus equates being angry with murder and encourages us to reconcile with our friends before bringing a gift to Him. Forgive.
God, angry, murder, RECONCILE, offense
The Unexpected Gift
In our bad days and our good days, God is always there for you. You might not feel Him all the time, but if you call HIm, He is there.
God, Call upon God, bad days, good days
Persistent Unfaithfulness
Israel was judged by God for their persistent unfaithfulness. Can we escape God's judgment, if we do the same.
God, unfaithfulness, persisting, God's people
How to Hear a Heart-Drop
We are constantly too busy to listen when the people closest to us share with us a part of their heart.It is time to slow down and hear
God, Understanding, loving, listening, hearing, Heart-drop
When What You Believe
God loves you and that is the truth. But sometime through circumstances, you don't feel as if God loves you. Look up, and trust God.
Love, God, truth, belief, false, listen
Walking the Walk
We all know people these days who push the Christian lifestyle on everyone but themselves. It's all for show. God warns against it.
God, greatness, servant, burdens, for show, walk the walk
Husband Isnt Trusting God
As women, we have expectations of our husbands. However, we must understand that our husbands are a work in progress. Here's a story.
work, God, lead, wives, husbands, Encourage
How to Experience Love
In marriage, we tend to run into periods where we feel as if we have run out of love for one another. Here's how we can keep love alive
Love, God, Marriage, Honor, patient
The Greatest Servant
We all fall in the trap of wanting to be the best, the greatest, and the most special one of all. God sees it differently.
God, Power, Honor, greatness, servant
Foot of the Cross
We might see and react to things differently, if we see it through the eyes of the Gospel and the cross. Here is a story about that.
Love, God, rich, comfort, poor, Torment
Once a Shell of a Girl
Our hurts can someday be a source of comfort and healing both for ourselves and for others.Here is such a story of God's healing power.
God, hope, forgiveness, Hurt, comfort, evil done
What Does Jesus Expect
What does God expect of and from us? He only expect what He has already given us. Here's a story.
Love, God, Worship, expectation, whole self
God speaks, but we are deaf. God show signs, but we are blind. Those of Jesus' day were like that too. Here's a story.
God, blindness, guidance, deafness
Prodigal Sons and Father
When we read the prodigal son, we don't realize that there are 3 prodigals in this story.We are always 2 of the 3, and then God.
God, forgiveness, Father, prodigal
The Gift of God
The story of the woman at the well is common place to us, but it gives us comfort that God search out even those who don't get Him.
God, Holy Spirit, gift, living water, Thirst
The Best You I Ever Made
You are unique, God's only special creation. There is none like you, and no one can love like you do. This is what God is saying to you
Love, God, you, loved, togetherness, only one
No Longer Shy
Our comfort zone is always our excuse for not caring or our shyness. Here is how to overcome shyness. God loves it when we love.
Love, God, fear, LONELINESS, overcoming, shyness
Forgive as God Forgives
God has forgiven us so much, and expects us to forgive each other as He has forgiveness us.Forgiveness in the end is between us and God
God, forgiveness, unforgiveness, Redeem, price
Crying Answered Prayers
God answered prayer doesn't mean we can cruise through it. We often then not face obstacles. But we must move on. Here's a story.
God, PRAY, moving on, obstacles, rejoice, Answered Prayer
Finding Beauty in Mess
As we look at our hopes and dream burn up around us, let us remember God's promise and love. Here's a story of that trust in the Lord.
Beauty, God, hope, worst caSE scenario, ashes
The Law Stands
A lot of churches these days preach and teach that Christ abolish the old law and made a knew set of law. That is not true.
God, law, for our good, Regulations, Restriction
How Joy is For You
God made us to enjoy life, to have joy and laughter in our life, and to choose to be close to Him, our greatest joy. Here's how.
Love, God, Happiness, made, joy, laughter
Helping Our Kids See God
You don't need to go on mission to teach God's word. As parents, we have the mission field brought to us. Here's how it is done.
God, Parenting, children, teach, Knowing GOD, tell stories
I Want to Be Right!
We all do it. Our want and need to be right makes us to do and say stupid things sometime. We get stubborn. Here's how to stop it.
God, pride , letting go, righteousness, being right
Loving God and Others
To love God and then love others as yourself is a hard thing to do in a culture now where hatred for others is encouraged, but needed.
Love, God, others
Mary, The Woman of God
Mary, the mother of Jesus, was an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams like us, but God used her willingness to trust Him in a great way.
God, Jesus, Humanity, Humility, Mary, Favor
The Blind Will See
In this world where the seeing are very so often blind, and the blind can see better than the seeing, comes a story from Jesus.
Love, God, blind, seeing
Will You Flee?
We all want to do great things for God, and we say we will. However, like the disciples, will we flee or will we stand with Jesus?
God, Faith, brave, stand, fearful, flee
Fight About It Tomorrow
If something is worth fighting for or arguing about, it will be there tomorrow. Take sometime and sleep on it until tomorrow.
God, angry, dealing with anger, Sleep On It
Thinking Great Thoughts
When we don't get what we want or need from the Lord, we sometime get an attitude and believe God doesn't love us. Here's another way.
God, Faith, Jesus, believe, Great thoughts
Here is Love!
Every body knows that God loves them, but can we truly understand the depths of love God has for us. Let us meditate on this today.
Love, God, unparalleled love, fathomless love, measureless love
Do You Want To Be Well?
The question Jesus asked the sick man seems obvious, but for years the man was there hoping, but not willing to do. Are we the same?
God, hope, healing, SICKNESS, made well
Scatter Unusal Kindness
We know that God loves a cheerful giver. But do you know that God loves the unusual acts of kindness, His children does in His name?
Love, God, Giving, Unusual Kindness
Waiting Wears You Down
Waiting isn't easy in our instant culture, but God wants us to wait on Him. It is hard, but so worth it. Here's a story about waiting
God, hope, promises, Look, wait, Salvation
Being like our Father
Jesus relied of His Father for everything He did and said. He wished to reflect His Father in all that He does. Can we say the same?
work, God, Jesus, will of the father, Son of Man, CHILD OF GOD
Jesus Our Counselor
Have you ever wondered why Jesus must be named with the guilty, even when He was never guilty of anything? Here's why.
God, Jesus, Counselor, advocate, redeemed, name with the guilty
Success Doesn’t Threaten
We sometimes look at other people successes with envy and hatred, but God tells us that there is more than enough success to go around.
God, success, more than enough, Envy, Threaten, Being happy for others
Courage When in Fear
Jesus was assaulted at every point of his public ministry and yet he focus on his work with urgency and passion. Should we do the same?
God, Jesus, courage, threaten with death, being hunted
Negative Thoughts
Everyone have points in their lives that they feel sad or depress, but don't know why. Our thoughts maybe to blame. Here's how.
God, DEPRESSION, hope, sadness, NEGATIVE THOUGHT, joy of the Lord
Know signs of the Times
We have fallen asleep. We have neglected to watch for the sign, and yet God has given us what the signs are in His Word. Watch!
God, Daniel, Signs, Times, undertsanding, End of History
When God waits and Weeps
When God delays, it is to give us a greater blessing and knowledge of Himself. He weeps because He knows us. Be strong. God knows.
Life, God, resurrection, deep distress, WEEPS, delay
Throw the First Stone
We have all sinned, whether small or large, but we tend to all try to cast stone as others for their sin, not looking at ourselves.
Love, God, hope, forgiveness, Judgment, condemn
Does Your Family Know You
Our stories are important to our family and our history with the God who loves us. We must tell the stories to our children and theirs
Family, God, stories, teaching, raising up families
Abiding in God
Jesus always pleased His Father, because He alway did His will and abide in Him. We must do the same. Here's how.
God, Sent, Abiding, Doing the will of God, Pleasing God
Woman Dishes Out Truth
As we sit at the feet of Jesus, we learn more of Him. In the beginning, Martha only focused on serving, then she sat alittle and listen
God, serving, Dishing out the turth, professing God
Living a Drama-Free Life
Life happens. What we do when life happens, differentiate a mature person from a carnal one, whether Christian or not. Let God in.
Life, God, Drama, patience, prayer, DRAMA FREE
When we argue with God
When we argue with God, we are binding ourselves to our sins. If we stop and listen to God, His truth will set us free. Here's why.
God, freedom, Slavery, arguing with God, holding tight, setting free
To Be Humble
We want to see ourselves as humble enough to impress people, but proud enough to be self-confident. This should not be so for Christian
God, humble, Power in weakness
I’m Scared to Pray Boldly
Sometimes we are afraid to prayer boldly because we are afraid of God might want us to do or that God won't answer. Pray boldly anyways
God, Bold, scared, prayer, HESITATION
Why No Easter Dress
The world and our own situation can bring us down. But think of the blessings we have in Christ and our soul will be uplifted again.
God, STRUGGLES, Salvation , easter, joy of the Lord, heavenly thinking
Every Work Matters to God
In the economy of God, every work that you do for God matters, no matter how big or small, as long as our love for God compels us.
God, believe, works, What Matters
What Are Your Chances?
God wrath on sin is great, so great that he didn't spare even His Beloved Son. How much more would He lean into us, the sinner.
God, Jesus, innocent, substituation, unregenerate, unrepentant soul
The Wilderness of Lives
The Pharisees hoping to kill Jesus and speculators looking for Jesus. Jesus spent time with His disciples in the wilderness.
God, expectation, Speculation, wilderness
The King Has Come
Happy Palm Sunday. As we welcome Jesus into our hearts, let us not be hypocrites, welcoming HIm into day, then shutting Him the next.
God, Jesus, hosana, triumph entry
Compassion or Charity
Some use charity and helping the poor as a boast of their goodness, but with a compassionate heart full of love,it is an act of worship
Love, God, Compassion, Charity, the poor
God, Give Me Your Heart
There are so many lost people in the world who needs Jesus, but because we are so selfish, that we don't notice or want to do something
God, Salvation , crying for the lost, Jesus' heart
He Knows Your Name
Our name is a special part of us, it is who we are in a personal way. God knows our names, God calls us by our name. We are loved.
Love, God, name, KNOWS, calls you
See Through Jesus' Eyes
Jesus knew who was going to betray Him,but yet He was kind and compassionate to Judas and to Peter.Allowing them to make their decision
God, Jesus, Understanding, Compassion
OH How God Loves Us
Jesus loved Judas, sinner, and Peter as much as He loved John and the faithful. Oh how He loves us too. How great is His love for us.
Love, God, Jesus, Faithful, Betray
Caught in Fear's Grip
When you are afraid, it cripples you. You can't think, move, and don't know what to do. Draw near to Jesus, and fear will flee.
God, Jesus, fear, coming close, being held
Calling Over Comfort
God's calling for our life can be hard and can feel overwhelming. But here's the question: do you love God more than the fears?
Love, God, Fears, comfort, idols
Washing Each Other Feet
A few hours before His crucifixion, Jesus humbled himself and wash the feet of his disciples, even Judas' feet. We should do the same
Love, God, Jesus, Caring, Humility, Washing Feet
Behold, Crucified Christ
When we behold Jesus on the cross, we find a deep sense of peace as He died breathing in all our stuff and not able to breathe it out.
God, death, Jesus, hope, healing, Crucified
Finding Faith in the Dark
The disciples, this Friday many years ago, must have felt betrayed when Jesus was crucified. However, there was the Sunday after.
Love, God, Faith, light, Betrayed, darkness
The Wait
We wait. Today is a day of waiting and hoping for tomorrow when He will be Risen, indeed. Today we wait, but the way is not long. Wait!
God, hope, resurrection, waiting, The Tomb, The Day After
The two faces of a man
There are two side to every story and to every person, what we do will show one story or another. Let's choose godliness, will we?
Love, God, Greed, Jesus, worldliness, Godliness
Remaining Unshaken
God is faithful and good. Our problems maybe too big for us to handle, but not for God. When we are shaken, look to God for our peace.
God, Faith, hope, fear, Unshaken, Shaken
Not Ashamed
As Rahab did, we must do too.She obey the will of God and tied a scarlet cord in her window,even if she would be asked why.
Love, God, Trust, Jesus, obedience, unshame
"Trust in him at all time
Christians are called to trust in God and in Him alone. But we all stumble and trust in chance more than God. Let's trust God more.
God, Trust, joy, All times, Carefree, HOPPE
When Drama Distracts from
God has a purpose for your life. He have plans for our future and our hope, but we have to stay focus on Him and not the noise outside.
God, Drama, clarity, destiny, Purpose, confusion
Divine Guidance
As humans, we are all foolish, when we look back and evaluate our life. In so doing, let us lean on the Divine Guidance of the Lord God
God, wisdom, Jesus, truth, Holy Spirit, guidance
Being ready
As Christians, we are told to be ready for the Lord's soon return. If we are wise, we will be ready and enter in.If not,we will be left
God, Jesus, READY, wise, Foolish, unready
When Words Leave You Woun
As humans,we are always comparing ourselves to some ideals in our mind and forget who we are.As Christians,we are God's children. Royal
God, loved, self image, treasured, self worth, wonderfully made
Being Consistent and Usef
As Christians,we are on the battlefield of life daily.Let us not bring shame or blame to God,but be strong and courageous in Him,always
God, strong, useful, consistant, hopeful, Courageous
Being silent
Jesus commanded demons to be silent and come out of the person they inhabit, and they obey. He can do the same for the dark parts of us
God, Jesus, freedom, authority, Silence, prayer
Where does our hope lie?
Where do you put your hopes for Heaven? Is it in Christ? Is it in yourself? If it is in Christ, you hope for Heaven is sure. If not, no
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, law, Judgment
Living As Lights
As Christians, we are called by Christ to be the light of the world. We should shine forth Jesus' light for all to see and provide hope
Love, God, Jesus, light, hope, christians
This man receiveth sinner
It is a marvelous thing that Jesus has received us in our sins, and then throughout a lifetime purged us of our sin,to finally enter in
Love, God, Jesus, hope, Receives, sinners
Help Me Find My Way
Everyone of us was lost some time in our life,but we were found by Jesus.Let's not forget our own lostness,and help those to find Jesus
God, Jesus, LOST, sick, hopeless, MERCY AND GRACE
Meeting Our “Night Season
In our difficult time, in our night season, do we trust God to help and provide for us? Or do we hope in the world and our friends?
God, Trust, Jesus, hope, hard times, night seasons
Facing Your Giants
There are times when fear seems to paralyze us. In these times we should imitate David,and cast our fears on the Lord and wait for Him.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, fear, trials
When You Feel Like Prayer
Even when don't see the results of our prayer, we should be confident that God is working our prayers out for our good and the person's
God, Jesus, hope, Grace, WORKING, prayer
As a child of God,we have the freedom to stand on the promises of God,to receive blessings,to go to God at anytime,and to enter Heaven.
God, Jesus, freedom, Blessings, promises, access
Things that needed to be
Jesus,more often than not,tells us thing we need to hear and challenge us to do the things that seems hard for us to do without Him.
God, Jesus, said, challenges, miracles, heard
What We Must Do
As a Christian, we must do these few things: let our light shine, proclaim God's goodness, do good works, and work alongside God.
God, Active, shine, proclaim the Gospel, Reliance
Doing it His way, right a
Jesus said to the self-righteous that they are like children double-minded in all their way and self-justifying.That is the problem now
Love, God, Jesus, hope, His Way, His Will
God's Delight
Do you know that we are God's delight? He does not delight in any of His created works, but He delight and rejoice in us with singing.
Love, God, Man, joy, rejoice, Delight
Get up and follow Him
Matthew did a simple but profound thing, when Jesus asked him to follow HIm; he got up and followed Him. Can we say this of ourselves?
God, Jesus, believe, get up, follow, Be saved
Rejoice in God's Attribut
As God's people, we should rejoice in our God and be thankful because of and for Him. He has provide, protected, and loved us.
God, mercy , BE GLAD, rejoice, providence, God's people
The Honored Women of the
God doesn't used perfect and extraordinary people. He uses imperfect and ordinary people, like these women. God honors women.
women, God, Jesus, gifts, Ordinary, Imperfect
Only if
Only if we can understand that Jesus is able to do all things for us,if we trust in Him and not our own strength and faith.Only believe
God, Faith, Trust, Jesus, believe, if
Objects of Divine Satisfa
Do you know that you are loved by God? Do you know that you are the object of divine satisfaction? If you know this, live like it.
Love, God, SATISFACTION, blessed, Beloved, sinners save by grace
The good soil
Are we the good soil that Jesus talked about? Are we the 3 other soils that does not procise fruit? We have a choice to make. Be wise.
God, Faith, Jesus, Fruit, assurance, good soil
Consider What Your Action
God is the source of all the help we should need in times of trouble, but we often run to man and earthly means before running to God.
God, Faith, Action, Man, Honor, glory
Time for work in the King
God is generous, even when we are not. He give to us generously, and sometimes we complain since we don't believe it's generous enough.
work, God, Jesus, Equal, first, Last
Our Justification
As Christians, we put our confidence in Christ death and resurrection for our salvation. We have peace because He's just and change not
God, peace, Jesus, saved, justification, confience
Being light
As Christians, Jesus calls us to be lights to a dark world. But more often than not, we want to hide the light in fear of persecution.
God, Jesus, light, shine, burn bright, inflame
When I Can’t See God
We serve an unseen God, and so we cannot always see His hand in the situation we are facing. Just have confidence that He is working.
God, Faith, hope, obedience, Confidence, Unseen
Whispers from God to a Hu
When we were without Christ, we were hungry for something that we couldn't put our finger on. Things of this world didn't satisfy. Come
God, hope, hunger, Empty, the heart, filled
God's Church
The Church of Christ is a conqueror and victorious even when she is opposed and persecuted, since she knows her Beloved loves her.
God, peace, hope, conquer, Victory, The Church
God's Beloved Children Co
As God's children, we are encouraged to come near to HIm. Not even Jesus' Earthly family can come near, if they were not to believe.
Family, God, Jesus, children, Beloved, closeness
Are You Happy Today?
Are you happy today? Indeed the answer must be yes. For though this world is full of troubles, our Father gives us desires of our heart
God, Happiness, joy, saved, glory, Rejoicing
God ask us to trust Him with all provision for our journey. He will provide us with our needs, our words, and healing power of His love
God, Trust, Jesus, healing, teaching, Disciples
A Long Walk of Faith
Wouldn't it be wonder, if we walked so close with God, that He one day tells us to come home and not experience death? Enoch did it.
God, Faith, Trust, heaven, Enoch, walked with God
Go again
God doesn't answer prayers instantly most of the time. He wants to test to see if we will persist in the things we desire He to do.
God, persistent, prayer, Continual, fervent, God's Man
Stooping Down
It is incredible that the infinite God would take notice of finite man,but He does.He numbers our days,and He stoops to hear our prayer
God, Man, visit, listen, Attentive, Stoop
Trying to see Jesus
In our busy lives, do we make time to try to learn and see Jesus? Do we try to make God known? It is important to do this. Here's how.
God, Jesus, Understanding, Knowing, seeing, discerning
When God Isn’t Answering
God sometimes seems to be silent when it comes to answering our prayer. It seems as if we are only praying to the ceiling. Try this.
God, silent, prayer, delay, slow to answer, pressing in
Give Up or God-Up
When we want to give up, please God-up or simply rest in God's strength and peace for you. When you don't give up, God shows up.
God, WEAKNESS, strength, give up, circumstances, God-up
Lessons from Leprosy
Through the cross, we are like lepers cleanse of our sickness. Sin is the leprosus root, if we realize it, we can run to the cross.
God, sin, Grace, mercy , Lessons, leprosy
The God who knows us
Jesus loves us, this we know. However, do you know that He knows you, sees you for who you are, and still loves and inspires you?
God, Jesus, loves, KNOWS, inspires, sees
Not an Option
God is worthy of our praises day in and day out. It is an unwritten law and commandment of our heart that we must praise God everyday.
Love, God, Honor, praise, Thanksgiving, commanded
Choice Fruits
We lay up for Jesus both old and new fruits for which our days have gathered into the barn house of our soul or kept fresh on the vine.
God, Jesus, new, joy, OLD, fruits
The Work of Repentance
Repentance is an act or the work of changing one's mind. It is the only work besides believing that is required for salvation.
work, God, Jesus, hope, repentance, sinner
Greatly Beloved
Do you know that God dearly and passionately loves you? You are His beloved and He wants to bless you with spiritual blessings. He love
God, Jesus, Man, Grace, mercy , greatly beloved
Hope for the Future and J
The more Heavenly minded we are here on Earth, the more productive we should be here on Earth and the greater joy given in Heaven.
God, peace, Jesus, hope, heaven, joy
Let The children come
Children are the hope for the future of this world and for the Church, but because we have to invest time into them, we sideline them.
God, Jesus, hope, children, kingdom, BELONGING
When You Face Change, Rem
There is hope and joy in the fact that our God and Saviour never change nor want to change. Everything else will change, but not God.
God, Jesus, hope, constant, Never Change, Promise Keeper
He also was tempted
Jesus was tempted,like we were,but without sin;so we can overcome temptation without sinning also.We sin when we give into temptation.
God, Jesus, Triumph, Overcome, tempted, WITHOUT SIN
Angels - The Unseen Atten
Let us rejoice,as being children of the Living God and of Jesus His son, our help and protection, angels are given us to attend to us.
God, Jesus, Loyal, angles, rejoice, unseen attendants
Being so right that you b
We are human with limited knowledge, so sometimes we can believe so passionately about something that we forget to respect others.
God, respect, Jesus, right, wrong, Passion
Daring to Hope
God wants us to live an adventurous life full of uncertainty,but without fear.Since we can trust Him,we can enter in with hope and joy.
God, Trust, hope, Confidence, fear, uncertainty
My Advocate
How does this sound in your ears?Even when I sin,I have an Advocate, namely Jesus Christ the righteous.Isn't it wonderful?It should be.
God, Jesus, hope, advocate, cause, plea
The Altar of Age
We grow old. Everyone does. Our golden years are not the end of us, but of the beginning of us. Are you looking forward to Heaven? I am
God, light, heaven, ages, departure, Altar
Jesus is our everything
Jesus has one thing to say to everyone this day: follow HIm. He should be the most important thing, no the only thing dear to us.
God, Jesus, kingdom, Honor, follow, Press Forward
The Treasure of Thrown-Aw
What do you do when you find yourself in hardship? God wants us to be thankful even in difficulties. Thankfulness changes everything.
God, choice, hardship, praise, Thanksgiving, circumstances
"Now on whom dost thou tr
In whom do you trust? This question will answer a lot of thing for us, because it will tell us the truth of our salvation. Trust God.
God, Trust, Jesus, Confidence, Holy Spirit, Hold Fast
Meant for Service
God gives us the things we need and sometimes the things we want, so that we can use it not only to enjoy, but for His service.
God, Food, water, Bread, strength, service
Never Be Thirsty
If we drink from the Living Water, we will never thirst, unless the thirst is for more of Jesus. All our desires are met in Him.
God, Jesus, joy, living water, DESIRE, Thirst
How will we respond?
Jesus lamented and warn the cities which He had named, because their response to His message was of unbelief. How will you respond?
God, Jesus, belief, response, unbelief, lamentation
Testing Our Faith
God test our faith, not to destroy us, but to give us a fuller joy and greater hope in our future, and to bring Him greater glory.
God, Faith, Jesus, trouble, trials, Testing
Miraculous Catch of Fish
There can be no real success in our endures unless we have God's presence going before us and staying with us as we work.
work, God, Jesus, success, catch, PRESENCE
Returning Praise
As God blesses us, we can either be giving or selfish. God warns us that He has provided all for us, so that we can give it back to Him
God, Jesus, service, Fruit, rejection, Persecution
No More Dangerous Road
Our journey through this world is full of dangers and troubles. If we walk it alone, we will fall. If God be with us, we can move on.
God, Faith, Jesus, dangerous, road, Trial
Do you know that you are blameless? In Christ, we are blameless and are being made blameless and holy everyday.Now we must live like it
God, Jesus, holy, Blameless, spotless, BLOOD WASHED
He knows our name
The joy of knowing that God knows our name is an amazing thing. It could change sorrow into joy, fear into courage, and lifts us up.
Love, God, Jesus, joy, sorrow, name
God’s Mighty Warrior
God use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. It doesn't matter how qualified you are. It only matter how available you are.
God, fear, strength, Ordinary, Victors, Mighty Warrior
You Have All It Takes
Like a house, we are a work in progress. God is fixing us up like we tend to do with a fixer upper. Once done, it will be beautiful.
Love, God, home, House, your heart, work in progress
Listen and Learn
The road to Emmaus was an interesting one for 2 going home in disappointment. They encountered Jesus and learn from Him as they listen
God, Jesus, listen, learned, taught the Word, breaking of bread
A knowable God
Unlike other "gods," our God is knowable, touchable, and want to be known to us. He isn't angry at our unbelief. He shows us who He is
God, TANGIBLE, want to be known, knowable, touchable
Why Isn’t God Answering
We sometime think that God is ignoring or neglecting us when we see others being blessed, but not us. He's not.God loves us.Trust Him.
God, patience, feeling ignored, Feeling neglected, God's perfect timing
When Words Don’t Work
Some times just being there in a quiet position of just being is all a hurting person need. They don't need words, just being is enough
God, present, words, being, Hurt, Silence
Our Response to Jesus
How do we respond to Jesus in our daily lives? Are we excited and moved to action? Or are we indifferent? Let us be like Peter.
Love, God, Jesus, Emotional, excitement, response
Hardness of Heart
Are we like the apostles at the first, hard of heart and lacking faith? Jesus admonish them to go out and preach the gospel.
God, Faith, Jesus, PREACHING THE GOSPEL, stubbornness, hard heart
The Choice is Yours
Hell can be equated to an eternal prison, while Heaven a place full of God's love and joy. It is your choice where you want to go.
God, Jesus, freedom, heaven, prison, HELL
We always laugh at Thomas' disbelief at the disciples' declaration of seeing Jesus.We call him Doubting Thomas, but are we so different
God, Jesus, loving, belief, compassionate, doubt
Be born again
Jesus tells us we must be born again in order to enter into God's kingdom. We must be born of the flesh, the born again of the Spirit.
God, Jesus, spirit, born again, flesh
What’s the Point
God give us people in our lives to teach us how to love and be patient. Don't give up on your relationship when it get hard. Learn.
Love, God, Jesus, Relationships, holding on, DON'T GIVE UP
You Are Who God Says
Don't you know that once you become a Christian, you are a new creature, and your past and the Devil doesn't have control over you?
God, Jesus, identity, OLD, new creation, Identity In Christ
Go Out and Proclaim
Jesus tells us to go out (get out of our comfort zone) and proclaim the Gospel. Whether in word or deed, we must go out and proclaim.
Love, God, Gospel, Comfort Zone, the hard sell, Proclaim
God so loved that He gave
God so loved us, that He found a way to save us from our sin and shame.He so loved us,that He gave the only thing He loved more than us
God, Jesus, believe, forgiveness, he gave, so loved
When You See God’s Plan
We sometimes get ahead of God due to our lack of patience, but God put desires and dreams in our hearts to fulfill them in His time.
God, hope, plans, can do anything, exceeding our wildest dream
Our Fault
It is our fault that we are weak and a feeble people, since we do not go to God for everything we need and want. God can.
God, Power, Ask , prayer, strenght, use freely
The Father Gave Power
God gave everything into Jesus' hand and all power is given to Him to judge. If we obey, we have life. If not, wrath from God.
Life, God, Jesus, Power, obey, Wrath
God, I Want to See You
For most of us, God is the Guy up there. We know Him from a distance and we wonder why that is. Here are ways we can get closer to God
God, PRAY, Look, SEE, follow, other focus
God’s Not Finished
God is working on us, and He's not finished until He says He is. We are all under construction. But we will become God's masterpiece.
work, God, fabulous, hope, plans, finished
Unlikely Heroes
God uses unlikely and ordinary people to do extraordinary things. All we need to do is to be willing and available. We are all heroes.
God, Heroes, multiple, Ordinary People, The Humble, small offerings
Ordinary heroes
God works through ordinary people. He shows His goodness through flawed vessels. All we need to do is be available and willing.
God, People, PRAY, Ordinary, Willing, available
Sure ground
Jesus is there are us even in our uncertainties, as He was there for His disciples. He came to them and they made it to sure ground.
God, calm, fear, TEMPEST, storms, uncertainties
Jesus Walks The Road
Jesus walks the road of our life with us, whether we recognize it or not. He wants to reveal Himself to us, but we need to make time.
God, Jesus, walk, TEACHES, reveals, Preach the WORD
Believing in the Giver
Jesus did signs and wonders, not so that people could love the gift, and not the Giver. The blessings points to the love of the Giver.
God, Jesus, believe, wonders, Signs, gift
Choosing to See Beyond
God helps us through our deepest grief and despair. If we choose to look at life through spiritual eyes, we can see hope in God.
God, heart, hope, choice, BLESSING, grief
God Uses Average People
You don't have to be super talented or gifted to be used by God. God can open any door if He wants to.
God, talent, gift, strenght, do anything, Average people
Jesus: The Bread of Life
Like the Israelites, we sometimes forget that God is the Giver of the heavenly bread, and not this world. Let us remember this.
Life, God, Jesus, heaven, Bread, Communion
Jesus: The Way, The Truth
Jesus said to His followers that He was and is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If we believe that, why are we not living that out?
Life, God, Jesus, hope, truth, way
Break Out the Crayons
Do we find time in our busy lives to slow down and meditate on God's Word? If not, here's a practical way to do it and reason why?
God, meditating, guidance, the word, slowing down
Telling My Flesh No
The love of God constrains our flesh from telling us how we should behave and what we should do when we are hurt or offended.Here's how
Love, God, hope, saying no, flesh, CONSTRAIN
Silence With Jesus
Jesus is God, but had to find time to draw near to His Father at the beginning of everyday. Mother Teresa did the same. How about us?
God, Jesus, meditation, Learning, Drawing Near, Quiet time
The Flesh and the Blood
Our life is consume by things other than consuming the word and example of Christ.Jesus wants us to consume Him, so that He can lead us
God, Jesus, hope, blood, eternal life, flesh
You Have to Try This
As people of God, we have already tasted and seen that Our God is good. It is our turn to help others to taste and see Our God.
God, taste, good, SEE
A New House
God gives us a new home. It is not made of material that can be destroyed, but everlasting material. Our new home is God Himself.
God, free, home, Abide, without cost, dwell with God
Life in the Spirit
Our flesh is useless, but life comes from the spirit.That is hard to hear, but that is the truth in the Word of God.Live in the Spirit!
Life, God, Jesus, spirit, eternal life, the word
Sheep Not Shepherd
It would be an easy thing to live life if with understand and know that we are indeed the sheep and not the Shepherd. Know this today.
God, Jesus, sheep, follow, the will of god, Shepherd
Partial Knowledge
For all of us, we start out on our journey with our Lord with only partial knowledge of Him.As we go further, He reveals to us more.
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Ignorant, revoluation, partial knowledge
The Good Shepherd
We are described as sheep of our Lord's sheep fold. To some that is an insult, because sheep are dumb and helpless. Not to Christians.
God, Jesus, good, sheep, Good shepherd
Seeing With My Heart
God knows what we need, and He works through the people. Mother's Day is almost here, this one is for the women who were there for us.
Love, God, mothers, shaping, ecouragemennt, spurring on
Mom Needs a Bouquet
Being a mom is something special, and allows us to become more like Christ in our love, grace, and compassion. What a blessing we have.
Love, God, death, Grace, MOTHER, Sacrifice
The winter Of The Heart
The religious leaders of Jesus' day refused to come to the warmth and light of Jesus' offer of salvation, because their wintery hearts.
God, Jesus, Cold, winter, Warmth, hard hearts
Raised from the Dead
In the modern church, the death and resurrection of Jesus is counted as not very important. But they fail to understand, that it is.
God, death, Jesus, resurrection, Risen, regeneration
Live Life Reflect Jesus
Our lives should reflect Jesus, if we are Christian. We should take His Word on face value. He doesn't judge us, but His Word will.
God, Jesus, obey, His Word, judge, reject
Creative Before the Lord
Waiting on God is a virtue much needed, but not very easy when things must be completed. But we must be still, and wait for God.
God, hope, Confidence, wait, virtue, BE STILL
What to Say
It is hard and almost hopeless to comfort those who have lost someone they love. It's hard to say or do something to help. Here's how.
Love, God, hope, grief, what to do, WHAT TO SAY
Love as Jesus Loved
Jesus didn't have to wash Judas' feet, but He did it anyways, though He knew what Judas was about to do.So we must, love like Jesus did
Love, God, Jesus, brother, ENEMIES, comassion
Your Hearts Not Troubled
Jesus knew that we will have trouble and tribulation while going through this life So He tells us to trust in Him,and not allow fear in
God, Trust, Jesus, weary, fearful, troubled
Disappointment Struggles
When God says no, it is for our own good, but we get disappointed with it. We must trust that God has a better plan. Here's how.
God, Trust, Dreams, Disappointment, masterpiece, discouragemet
Seeing The Father
We are all sons and daughters of the Most High God. Do we reflect it, as Jesus did when He walked this Earth? Here's the reason.
God, Jesus, BEHAVIOR, seeing, Sons and Daughters, reflecting god
Comfort of Knowing Jesus
Jesus is the example and the comfort we need to face and overcome a hostile world, with kindness and goodness. Here's how.
Love, God, Jesus, hope, believe, know
We Are Justified
Did you know that once you become a believer you are justified by Jesus, and you become guiltless? If you know this, live like it.
God, Jesus, Provision, Justified, GUILTLESS, wipe clean
The Holy Spirit
Jesus gave us our Great Advocate,the Holy Spirit,as our defense and guide for this world and the next.Let HIm lead you today and always
Love, God, Jesus, advocate, the word, The Holy Spirit
Discovered Being Rich
We have moments when we feel weak and poor. We play this "If I were rich" game over in our minds. The thing is we are rich in Jesus.
God, Jesus, forgiveness, anger, Grace, rich
Look at Disappointment
God works in many ways, even in our failures. Failures can be a blessing from God. Look to learn from failures, it might be a blessing
God, Jesus, hope, success, failure, teaching opportunity
In this world there is troubles and headaches which we cannot escape, but God promises us peace, if we place out trust in Him.
God, peace, Jesus, hope, troubles, calm
Why Imitate Christ?
Why should we follow Christ example and imitate Him in our lives? It's not only for Christ's sake, but for our sake and our own belief.
God, peace, Happiness, Christ, follow, Imitate
Jesus promises us that if we abide in Him and His word abides in us, we can ask for what we wish and it will be done for us. Here's how
God, Jesus, rest, Fruit, follow, Abide
True Love Does Exist
God is love, so true love starts with Him. We learn how to love through being closer to God. We show true love when we first love Him
Love, God, hope, True Love, Sacrifice, overflowing love
All are Yours
Jesus is all God and all man at the same time. He is everything that we ever needed and could wish for. He gives us of all of Himself.
God, Jesus, complete, godhead, Given, all attributes
God's Love Towards Us
To tell people that God loves them is not enough, we must show them too. In a sense, everyone know that God loves them. Can we show it?
Love, God, Sacrifice, Commitment, complete, self-emptying love
The Pathway to Humility
God humbles us, not because He hates us and don't want us to succeed.If you think that, stop!He humbles us to prepare us for greatness.
God, success, Humility, pride , our hearts, preparation for greatness
My Husband More Like Hers
As humans, we sometimes compare our spouses with others, and start coveting what is not yours. That's how marriages fall apart. Stop it
God, hearts, Content, Godliness, Husband and Wife, coveting
Loving One Another
God doesn't require much from us, expect that we love each other in truth, words, and actions. Here is how we can start doing it.
Love, Friends, God, Action, Sacrifice, Fruit
Show Your Steadfast Love
We don't often show our steadfast love for Jesus, if we are truthful with ourselves, especially in times of distress.
Love, God, Jesus, care, riches, Steadfast Love
Understanding Persecution
The servant is not greater than his Master. So if Jesus was hated and persecuted, do you think that we will escape from it?
God, hate, Jesus, hope, affliction, Persecution
Our Beloved Advocate
Jesus promised His followers and us that He will never leave us orphans, but give us the Holy Spirit. So we are indeed never alone.
Love, God, Jesus, Guide, The Holy Spirit, comforter
Asking "Why?"
When we find ourselves in what we think is a bad situation, we always question God and His plans for us.But can it be part of His plan?
God, hope, trouble, why, tribulation, God's plans
Becoming God's Witness
When God teaches or shows us something, He will give us an opportunity to witness to others and to ourselves what He has taught us.
God, do, Witness, Testify, Preach
A Serious Case of Envy
We fall into the envy trap that the Devil sets for us too many times.We see what other people can do and compare.Here's how to stop it.
God, worth, Envy, gifts, appreciation, Talents
Coming Apart at the Seems
With social media comes an increase of envy and jealousies that other generation have never faced before. Here's how to stop it.
God, peace, contentment, Envy, JEALOUSY, Social Media
He Begins and Completes
Know this for a fact, if God has began a work in you, He will complete it. No ifs ands or buts. What we need to do is trust in Him.
God, rest, Confidence, dependence, Begins, completes
Your Cold Prayers
If we are honest, we don't pray as we ought or don't pray at all.God is faithful, even if we are not. Let's draw near to Him in prayer.
God, trouble, Prayers, neglect, cold prayer, wrestling in prayer
Faith in the Spirit
We tend to live a rushed life that doesn't give any worth or value for waiting on the Spirit or patience. It might be time to slow down
God, Faith, Jesus, Understanding, patience, The Holy Spirit
Divide Faith and Action
We can't control everything that happens to us, though we try as hard as we can. It's our faith and trust in God that helps us through.
God, Faith, Action, hope, Confidence, Things Not Seen
Through Heartbreak
Everyone goes through miserable circumstances and heartbreak, but you don't have to go through it alone. Here's how you do it: God.
God, Fears, heartbreak, moving on, holding on, God's presence
When Do You Pray?
It is a funny question: When do we pray? But is it? We may pray in times of trouble, but not in good times. Here's how to pray.
God, hope, how, when, prayer, Restoration
A little While
We all go through seasons in our life that can be summed up in "a little while". These can be good or bad, but God is always there.
God, Jesus, time, hope, perspective, seeing
God Doesn't Have a Plan B
The life you lives is the life God gave you, there is just a plan A.Whether you like it or not, you are here for a reason.Live it well.
God, hope, Contribution, plans, No plan B, God's calling
Heal Heart of Negativity
In a world that is focused on the negative, a joyful cheerful person stands out from the rest. They are the one that bring healing.
God, positive thinking, Jesus, hope, joy, medicine for the heart
Do You Care Too Much?
You know that if you become excessively worried, it is a sin and it dishonor and disgrace God and His love for us. Here's the reason.
God, sin, disobedience, unbelief, cares of this world, excessive cares
The Joy after the Pain
Only through pain can we feel what real joy is.God doesn't allow pain into our life to destroy us, but to give us joy in and through it
God, pain, joy, trials, tribulation, GLADNESS
Considering Pray
We struggle to pray, and when we pray, we struggle to pray for God's will, but ours. Here's some suggestions on how to pray.
God, Jesus, Blessings, prayer, God's will, abide in God
Troubles Will End Soon
Our troubles sometimes seem never ending; for sure, if you are a child of God, your trouble will surely end. If not here, then Heaven.
Love, God, joy, troubles, Victory, riches
Struggling to Believe
It is a mystery why some of the eleven who were in constant contact with Jesus struggling to believe. But we do that too. Here's why.
Life, God, mystery, doubt, struggle, followers
Hate Sin
As believers, we must hate sin for our Lord hate sin.He doesn't hate the sinner, but the sin.We should get rid of sin once and for all.
God, Jesus, anger, joy, Salvation , hate sin
Bold as a Lion
If we have a guilty conscience, everything makes us afraid.But if we trust in the saving work of Christ, we can be made brave and bold.
God, Jesus, Bold, righteous, Justified, GUILTLESS
Little Sins
The little foxes spoils the vineyard, and a little sin destroys our love, our communion, and our fellowship with our God. Never let it.
God, Jesus, sin, destroys, separates, spoils
Jesus and God Are One
In a world where there are more Christian sects than there are people to fill all of them, we must seek to be one, as God is one.
Love, God, Jesus, unity, kindness, oeness
Where Will I Be Left?
There is a universal language of every Christian in the world: the need to love God and pass it on to our loved one. Is it yours too?
Love, God, Jesus, LOVING GOD, Worship, WOMEN OF GOD
Hope When It Hurts
We normally think of suffering as something to escape, but it is a really opportunity for us to comfort other in the midst of our trial
God, hope, pain, suffering, comfort, sharing Christ's love
Courage and Triumph
We all have our trials and troubles, but if we face them with courage trusting in our Lord, we will come back triumphantly,as David did
God, Jesus, joy, courage, trials, Triumph
Unity, not Uniformity
We as humans always confused unity with uniformity, and fail to forget that we are diverse in every way. God calls us to unity.
Love, God, Future, Jesus, one, hope
Don’t Want to Go Back
In our lives, we try to make major changes to better ourselves, but always finds ourselves going back to the old ways. Ask God to help.
God, changes, cleansing, returning to old ways, steadfast spirit, Going Backwards
A Constant Struggle
Being a Christian, we are called to constant struggles with ourselves and the world to keep us holy.God is with us through our troubles
Love, God, hope, Victory, trials and troubles, constant struggles
Jesus Likes Me I Know
Do you know God doesn't just love you (as shown by the cross), but He really really likes you too. Isn't that a wonderful thing?
Love, God, Jesus, live, joy, rejoices
Love in Action
Our God is the God of second and beyond chances. He knows that we fail, so He is willing to give us as many chance as we need to serve
Love, God, Jesus, service, second chance, God's will
Serve Where He Set You
No matter what you do for a living, you are in God's service, no matter how small or unimportant the work may seem. Do it unto God.
work, God, Job, humble, the king, set apart
Follow Me
As brothers and sisters in the Lord, we of course have sibling rivalries. But what God requires is for us to follow Him.
God, Jesus, obedience, God's will, follow, Rivalries
All glory is His
Can you see our God high and lifted up? Can you see Jesus on His throne? If you can't see it now, how can you honor it then?
God, Jesus, Victory, humiliation, Triumph, glory
Fellowship with Jesus
Do we enjoy the fellowship with our Lord? Do we look forward to meeting Him in our quiet times? If we can't here, how can we there?
Love, God, Jesus, hope, fellowship, Communion
Being Inflated
When things goes wrong or we get fearful, we often get deflated and become immoveable. Jesus inflates us again. Here's how
God, Jesus, fear & anxiety, discourage/deflated, inflated/encourage, joy & boldness
Closed In
God shuts us in and separate us from the world to protect us from the harm that would be done to us.How wonderful it is to be with God!
God, peace, Secure, safe, shut in, shut out evil
Accepting What Is Told
It is hard for us to accept that we are wrong, and we overreact when someone points things out. Here's how to view this.
Love, God, Jesus, acceptance, Honesty, Humility
Tell Your Soul to Rest
We are a nation that overwork ourselves and our souls. We tell ourselves that a little more won't hurt. It is a time to rest.
God, peace, rest, Burnout, weariness, overworked
Knowing Half the Story
When we don't know the whole story, we make a mess of thing. It is the same thing with only knowing part of our relationship with God.
God, Jesus, mess, turth, Whole Story, Half Story
Even the Outcasts
We are no better than anyone that we compare ourselves to, and no worst. We are all sinners saved by grace. Here's why..
God, Jesus, Grace, sinner, Outcast, small account
Giving to who it is owed
As faithful followers of Christ, we must give Him all of ourselves, because we are made in His image, and sealed by His Holy Spirit.
God, caesar, give, belong, reapy, faithful followers
Love the Lord, Hate Evil
Our sinful nature and our heart leads us astray, but our constant communion with God will put us on the straight and narrow road.
God, Jesus, Grace, deceit, love the Lord, hate evil
God not of the Dead
It is wonderful that our God is the God of the living and not of the dead, but we don't always acknowledge it nor that we may be wrong.
God, Jesus, Living, dead, mercy , BEING WRONG
When God Loves Too Much
God leads us in the hard way so that He can strip us of our deceitful hearts and our wandering way. He loves us too much.
Love, God, gifts, Betrayal, mercy , desert
Great Sermons Are Lived
Our lives should reflect the Gospel we proclaim. From what we say to what we believe that is good and right, that's what is in view.
God, hope, invitation, Sermons, lived, preached
Stand Up!
In our battle with life and the world, we are indeed victors, because Jesus has already won the victory. All we need to do is stand.
God, Jesus, many, few, victor, stand
Loving God and Others
It is much easier for us to live life with well defined rules, but Jesus simply tells us to love God first, then others. This is hard.
Love, God, Gospel, Living Life, greatest command, Golden Rule
Guard Against Temptation
Everyone is tempted, even Jesus (but without sin). Satan doesn't care who he tempts or how he tempts, so we have to be on guard for it.
God, Jesus, guard, Temptations, Holiness, Kept
Our Father knows
Our Father knows what we need before we even ask, so why ask? Since we are His children we pray and ask so that we know that He hears.
God, Faith, Jesus, Ask , PRAY, know
The Leverage of Prayer
Pray opens the door of truth and enlightenment in the scriptures through the guiding of the Holy Spirit.Ask the Spirit to open the Word
God, Faith, wisdom, Jesus, Holy Spirit, prayer
I Can’t Do All This
Help us, God, should be our cry, for we are all weak and can't do a lot of thing on our own.God is here and He is waiting. Will we ask?
God, Jesus, Power, help, WEAKNESS, strength
I Can’t Do All This
Help us, God, should be our cry, for we are all weak and can't do a lot of thing on our own.God is here and He is waiting. Will we ask?
God, Jesus, Power, help, WEAKNESS, strength
What Jesus Longs for Us t
The one thing God really wants us to know today is that He loves us so much that He gave Jesus for us and His mercy is new everyday.
Love, God, Jesus, Grace, mercy , know
What Jesus Longs for Us t
The one thing God really wants us to know today is that He loves us so much that He gave Jesus for us and His mercy is new everyday.
Love, God, Jesus, Grace, mercy , know
Slow to Anger
Our God is slow to anger. That should be good news to everyone, believers and non alike. He keeps His anger, so that we may be saved.
God, Jesus, Power, anger, mercy , meek
Slow to Anger
Our God is slow to anger. That should be good news to everyone, believers and non alike. He keeps His anger, so that we may be saved.
God, Jesus, Power, anger, mercy , meek
Who is Jesus to you?
Who is Jesus to you?Who do you say that He is?Your response to this question will either guarantee you Heaven or Hell.Respond correctl
God, Faith, Jesus, identity, Knowledge, response
Moving from Distracted to
Through our busyness, we are ought times distracted by much of our life to be devoted to Jesus. All He wants from us is our devotion.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, distracted, Devoted
"Take Up Your Cross
We are asked by the One who bear His cross to bear ours.Are we better than Christ to refuse to do so?Do so without complaining,beloved.
God, Faith, Jesus, Cross, fear, burden
"Take Up Your Cross"
We are asked by the One who bear His cross to bear ours.Are we better than Christ to refuse to do so?Do so without complaining,beloved.
God, Faith, Jesus, Cross, fear, burden
Be Reconcile to One Anoth
Unforgiveness is a prison we make for ourselves. Jesus say that you should be reconcile with one another,before you bring gifts to God.
God, peace, Jesus, freedom, forgive, RECONCILE
Rejoice in God's Compassi
God loves and pity the children that are His.Though He has to sometimes chasten and corrects us,He doesn't like doing it.He just has to
Love, God, Jesus, Compassion, kindness, pity
Love Made Perfect
Jesus asked us to be perfect like God is perfect,but yet we know that we can never be perfect here It is only love that make us perfect
Love, God, Jesus, care, PERFECTION, example
Let Us Listen
The disciples were afraid when they saw our Lord transformed and saw Mose and Elijah with Him. But God come and asked them to listen.
God, Jesus, Understanding, transformation, Enlightenment, the word
Forgiveness and mercy
Jesus ask us to be perfect as our Father is perfect. In all this,we are to be perfectly merciful, loving, and forgiving like the Father
Love, God, Jesus, perfect, mercy , forgive
When God Autocorrects Our
Sometimes we just can't put our requests or complaints into words in prayer. Remember that the Holy Spirit will translate our groans.
God, Jesus, hope, spirit, prayer, interceded
When God Autocorrects Our
Sometimes we just can't put our requests or complaints into words in prayer. Remember that the Holy Spirit will translate our groans.
God, Jesus, hope, spirit, prayer, INTERCEDE
Becoming Christ Followers
Jesus was telling the disciples what was going to happen to Him, but all they wanted to know was who was the greatest.Are we like that?
Love, God, Jesus, SELFLESS, services, servants
Finding Rest
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. If you believe this, you can rest in God who created all.
God, peace, Jesus, light, rest, creation
Loving like God does
What is it like to love like God does?Is it giving to the poor?Is it caring and sharing with friends and family?It's actually all that.
Love, God, Faith, Jesus, law, repsect
Stronger Than the Struggl
When we are going through struggles, we have a choice to make: trust in God or trust in man and doing evil. Trust in God, it's better.
God, Trust, Jesus, truth, STRUGGLES, strength
Life-Saving Truth
Our insecurities drown us in self-pity and anguish.It is hard to shake that feeling,but God's promises and truth can give us a lifeline
God, Jesus, truth, Salvation , drowning, insecurities
Faith in Times of Sorrow
In our affliction we can feel sorrow and discouragement,but God who comforts us can give us victory in those times.Turn to Him for help
God, Faith, courage, troubles, Triumph, afflictions
Devotion to God, Loving O
What is our calling in our life?Can it be as easy as devoting ourselves to God and loving others?Jesus says that it is.Trust Him in it.
Love, God, Faith, Jesus, hope, devotion
An Invitation to Dance Wi
God is our Father. He loves us more than we can know.He knows us and knows how to stir our love for Him and others. He loves us equally
Love, God, Jesus, Blessings, Father, Individually
The Problem With Religiou
The problem with religious traditions is that it takes our eyes off of God and putting it on the law of men. It make light miracles.
God, Faith, Jesus, healing, TRADITIONS, Persecution
Only Return
Come as you all,with only one plea, that God would receive you into His fold. If you return, He will receive you, even as you are today
God, Jesus, wanderer, Return, received, Backslider
When Everyone’s Grass Loo
You know that in the world of millions of people,there is just one you.God made you uniquely for Himself.Stop comparing you to others.
Love, God, Jesus, comparison, flaws, fearly and wondrous
Resurrection of Life
Sin causes this world to be dark and life to die, but in Jesus there is light and life in this world and next. So which will you chose?
Life, God, Jesus, light, darkness, RECONCILE
Wisdom is Our Silver Lini
Through our troubles,we find that we grow stronger and wiser in the Lord.Troubles are not the end all, but the beginning of all things.
God, Faith, wisdom, Jesus, joy, trials
Keep Me Back from Sin
The worst sin that we can commit is the sin of presumption for it assumes on our self-righteousness and self-confidence. Hope in God.
God, Jesus, sin, self-righteousness, self-coinfidence, Presumption
When What You Stuffed Blo
We should stop stuffing or pushing our emotions aside or deeper in us, for eventually it will get out. Run to God, and cast it on Him.
First Pure, then Peaceabl
To be at peace with God, we must first be pure. For blesses are the pure for they will be call the sons of God. Peace comes after that.
Love, God, peace, Jesus, righteousness, Prue
Look at the Positives
We often time allow people and situation to take away our joy. We are often time dwelling on our trials more than God's blessing. Stop!
God, POSITIVE, joy, Honor, Overcome, glory
Who Is Jesus to You
Who is Jesus to us?That's the question we all have to answer in our lives and in our hopes.Is he more than David or is he just the son?
God, Jesus, acceptance, Honor, Lord, the Son of David
Lasting Beauty
The world thinks and looks at beauty from the outside: makeup, hair dos, and accessories. God looks on the inside.
Beauty, God, makeup, Inner Beauty, gentle spirit, HAIR DOS
Why Are We Here?
God could bring us to Heaven immediately after we are saved, if He chooses, but He doesn't.He give us a purpose and a job. Live for Him
Life, God, heaven, Purpose, save
The Origin
Our hearts are hard and cold, so our love for God would be the same unless God initiated it first Since God first loved us, us love God
Love, God, heart, Jesus, hope, first love
God So Loved
God so loved the world that He gave. His action is what will save us. Our action of believing is our choice for being forgiven.
God, Jesus, world, loved, FORGIVEN, condemned
Jesus Starts at the Botto
By going to least of us, Jesus shows us the length that He would go to to help even the least of us. Here's how.
Love, God, Jesus, Grace, lowest, neediest
Getting on the Scales
If we judge ourselves with the standard of the Bible and the Bible alone, we will not judge. Let us not be found wanting with God.
God, hope, Discover, Judgment, conforming, scales
Giving up our Pride
The Beattitudes which Jesus taught to His disciples help us to understand the requirements of a Godly life. There is no room for pride
Love, God, Jesus, Humility, pride , independence on God
Chained Circumstances
God push us in trials not to only test our faithfulness towards Him,but to position us in our faithfulness to do greater things for Him
God, Trust, Jesus, trials, Chains, circumstances
Bad and Good the Same
God uses bad things in our lives to produce good qualities in us. We must learn from the bad thing, and praise God with the good.
God, Jesus, courage, Lessons, good thing, bad things
Who's Going Thirsty?
Only the proud would not come and taste of God's goodness.Yes, only the proud would not want to come to God's common fountain to drink.
God, living water, pride , without cost, thirsty, whosoever may
Salt of the Earth
As Christians,we must be salt and light to a lost and hurting world.We must not allow fear to extinguish our light and make us useless.
Love, God, Jesus, light, hope, salt
Delight in the Lord
As a Christian, there so be no other thing we delight more than to be in Jesus' presences and delight in doing His will. Is that ours?
God, The Lord, Holiness, Duty, Delight, religous exercise
It's For Our Own Good
God doesn't give us rules and laws to spoil our fun.He gives us these so that we could live a happy productive life.He's a good father.
God, laws, Holiness, Godliness, rules, commendment
When Fear Overcomes Me
Fear sucks everything out of us, if we let it. How do we let it? We let it when we forget how faithful our God is to us. Focus on God
God, Jesus, hope, joy, fear, oppression
Does Life Balance Exist?
God doesn't expect His people to be overworked and overcommitted,that is why He made Israel set aside a day for rest.Have we done this?
God, Stress, rest, Boundaries, busyness, overcommitted
Are You Laughing?
Oh, what joy. Oh, what peace, the Christian must have that they should be saved from all that they were.Do you have that joy and peace?
God, peace, Jesus, joy, laughter, Salvation
A Higher Bar
Jesus raised the bar for His followers and us today. He wants us to live a life that loves and forgives. How are we doing with this?
Love, God, Jesus, Raising the Bar, forgiving, RECONCILING
The Danger of Unbelief
It is dangerous for a child of God to doubt or not believe in Him and His words, not because He will damn us, but we will grieve Him.
God, Jesus, belief, joy, unbelief, grieve
Marriage Takes Hard Work
Marriage is hard and a good marriage requires both parts to work hard to please and respect one another. Here's how.
Love, God, Marriage, kindness, Tender Hearted, hard work
Beyond the Law
Jesus wants us to look beyond the surface meaning of the Law. He wants us to go deeper, and understand more. Here's how.
Love, God, Jesus, hope, law, the word
A Prayer
Prayer is a necessity, not a last option to our problem. Pray when things are going well, pray more when things aren't. Here's how?
God, Jesus, hope, PRAY, pray regularly, pray clearly
Keeping our Word
In a world where alternative facts and swearing with no intention to make good, Jesus wants us to live above what the world wants.
God, Lies, Jesus, truth, Oath, good witness
The Spirit's Blessings
We normally minimize the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the church's, but the Holy Spirit completes us and is important to us
God, peace, hope, Blessings, Holiness, The Holy Spirit
Going the Extra Mile
God wants us to go the extra mile in whatever we do. It's not because He wants us to suffer, but that we will learn how to be gracious
God, hope, forget, forgive, GOING THE EXTRA MILE, go beyond the law
Be doers, not just hearer
God doesn't want us to be hearers of the Word only, but doers.Since His will and purpose for us is made clear when we hear and then do.
God, obedience, Fruit, Reward, doers, hearers
Sifted by the Lord
God allows trouble in our life to shake and sift us, so that what is good remain, while what is bad is gotten rid of. Be comforted.
God, Jesus, hope, glory, sift, allows trouble
Loving our Enemies
God wants us to love unconditionally, even if the love and respect is not given back to you. This is the same love God gives us.
Love, God, Jesus, hope, Grace, ENEMIES
When Shame Keeps Us Away
God wants to spend time with us, but in our rush or our guilt, we want to stay away.But God still reaches out to us and say come closer
Love, God, kindness, mercy , guilt, shame
A Picture of Beauty
There is no one as perfect as our Lord, and no one quite like Him in all the Earth. Not one thing takes from another, in Him. Harmony.
God, Jesus, wonderful, Beautiful, perfect, gracious
Our Motivates for Doing G
What is our motives for doing good works:for God's glory or our glory?If for our glory,we have already receive our reward.Do it for God
God, Jesus, fasting, PRAY, Motives, Good Work
Christ the Builder
Earth is God's quarry,where He hewn His saints into perfect stones that will fit perfectly in His temple.All of God's work is done here
God, Jesus, build, preparation, polish, made ready
Learning How to Pray
Jesus taught His disciples and us how to pray. Keeping it simple and straightforward. But also remember to forgive, or you won't be.
God, Jesus, learn, PRAY, forgive, God's will
Your Story in Six Words
Our lives are written by the pen of God. God loves us and know what He is planning for us. Let us accept the story He is writing for us
Life, Love, God, story, Jesus, loss
What Holds the Key to You
We all want to please God in some way, but always decide to live for the lesser things in this life. Abandon your life for Him, and see
Love, God, heart, Jesus, follow, Abandon
Three Easy Steps to Trans
We, as humans, tend to dwell on the negative and forget the positive. Let change our thought patterns. Here's how.
God, hope, transformation, negative, mind, POSTIVE
Cooked Evenly
A Christian that has one foot in the world and one foot in religion is a cake unturned. They are neither godly or ungodly. Be all in.
God, Godly, RAW, UnGodly, burnt, cake unturn
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
To meditate on Jesus and His character is a wonderful thing. His kindness and His love for us. Through looking to HIm, we find rest.
Love, God, heart, Jesus, kindness
Who is Privileged?
We are privileged people, since we know Jesus. Not even His mother can claim that she know than we do about Him. What honor that is.
God, heart, Jesus, Honor, Knowledge, Privileged
What is in a name
Like John the Baptist, our names have meaning and defines us. John means Yahweh is gracious, and he embodied that name. How about us?
God, Jesus, meaning, John, name, growing into self
Examine Yourself
Everyone who say that they are going to Heaven may not be. There is a back door to Hell, where some may enter since they are not true.
God, heaven, HELL, Judgement, Back Door to Hell, Examine yourself
Judging yourself first
We often forget how flawed we are,especially when it comes to judging others for their flaw.Let's look at ourselves first, then others
Love, God, Compassion, mercy , JUDGING OTHERS, Looking at Yourself
Shout it on the Rooftops
We are often shy about our Christian Faith, though we shouldn't be. Jesus encourages his disciples and us to shout it from the rooftop.
God, Jesus, light, Shout, Uncover, Proclaim
Climbing a Mountain
The Christian life is like climbing a high mountain. You don't know the height and the depth at the bottom, but you know at the summit
God, mountain, hope, Hills , Summit, valleys
How Do I Let It Go?
We struggle with letting go of things, but we aren't require to let go of everything, just the thing we can't control. Here's how.
Love, God, peace, Jesus, forgiveness, letting go
Stay where you are called
God doesn't call many to be pastors or teachers, but He calls us all to live lives that glorifies Him, as we work at our jobs. Be glad.
God, contentment, Grace, faithfulness, praise, calling
Bargaining like Pharaoh
To be friends with the world is to be enemies of God.Yet as modern Christians,we believe that it is okay.That is wrong,and lead to ruin
God, pain, Compromise, ruin, bargaining, friendly with the world
The Narrow Gate
God tells us not to compromise our values for the world's value. For if we go with the world, the road is broad and easy, but not godly
God, Jesus, Compromise, narrow gate, broad road, narrow road
My Past Does Not Control
God loves us, and wants us to rest in Him and His provision for our lives. He has set us free, so live in that freedom.God wants us too
God, peace, Future, freedom, control, slaves
Looking to Jesus
Christ is everything when it comes to our salvation and provision for our life. He is the air we breath and the provider of our health.
God, Jesus, hope, self, Christ is Everything, look upon
What Fruit are you bearin
God doesn't want us to judge anyone, because that is His job, but we are suppose to be fruit inspector: both of others and of ours.
God, judge, Observe, good trees, good fruit, bad trees
Changing our Body Trash T
No matter what the world tells you about yourself; God tells you that you are beautiful, pure, smart, and precious. Don't forget that.
God, truth, control, hurts, temple, self image
Jesus Keep Us
God can sometimes seemingly withdraw His grace and mercy from us because we have become prideful because of His favor. Be humbled.
God, Jesus, Grace, Humility, pride , Keep us
Asleep in Jesus
For the Christian,death shouldn't be the most fearful thing.It is God calling us home to rest from the battle and to give us our reward
God, death, Jesus, sleep, rest, glory
Who is Jesus to you?
Who do you that I am was what Jesus asked His disciples, and in a way He is asking us too. Our salvation and confidence rest upon it.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, Confidence, the son of God
Loving When it’s Inconven
When people look at us do they see loving, kind, considerate, and good people, or do they see hateful and condemning people.Reflect God
Love, God, Jesus, considerate, good, kind
Why Your Brand of Unique
The world wants you to fit into their mold; but God wants us to reflect the uniqueness as He created us to be, which makes us perfect.
God, loved, perfect, unique, God special creation, not fitting in
Christ's Generosity
Jesus didn't give us only part of His love, kindness, riches, and mercy; He gave us His all.However, it is up to our to receive it all.
God, Jesus, kindness, mercy , generosity, His all
God is Willing
God is willing, but He waits for us to ask and ask according to His will. All things our ours in Jesus, all we need to do is ask.
God, Jesus, mercy , unclean, Leper, cleansed
An Abiding Stream
God's mercy, grace, and love never runs dry.Though the streams of the world will run dry; the streams of God never runs dry.Great news.
God, Jesus, living water, abiding streams, never runs dry, mercy and love
What Great Faith
Jesus marveled at the centurion's faith, as he respectfully asked for Jesus to heal his servant. How is our faith today?
God, Jesus, forgiveness, mercy , great faith, healed
Fear Not
As believers, we ought not to fear anything or anyone, for Jesus is with us through every situation. He loves us and won't bad happen.
God, peace, Jesus, courage, rest, fear
Love God first
God doesn't tell us to not love people, but He tells us to love Him first. If we love God first, it makes it easier to love people too
Life, Love, God, Jesus, priority, Reward
Suffering with Christ
As Christians, we must be careful of thinking that every suffering moment is suffering for or with Christ. Many times it isn't.
God, Jesus, hope, suffering, self control, MEEKNESS
A Living Nightmare
As Christians we have times and seasons of great abundance of God's love and mercy, then we get lazy and famine follows. Here's how .
God, Jesus, neglect, abundant, lean, Backsliding
Meeting us where we are
God meets us where we are at, no matter how clean or dirty we feel or are. Like with Thomas, He shows up right on time in our unbelief.
God, Jesus, hope, BELIEVING, unbelief, meets us
Gardening in White Pants
Life is dirty. With some more than others. But without faith and getting ourselves dirty sometime, we will never grow. God wants us to.
Life, God, Faith, risk, grow, Tranform
A clean hand, a pure hear
God wants us to be people of integrity, who have clean hands, pure hearts, and keep our words. Can we say this about ourselves? Repent!
God, Jesus, pure heart, clean hand, hope of Heaven, no deceit
The Tool of Sanctificatio
God sanctifies us by our continuing in the Word of God.The Word is the Truth, which will help us continue in sanctification and grace
God, Grace, mercy , the word, justification, santifiction
The wind and the waves ob
Jesus is in the boat of life with us.We ought not fear since we know that even the wind and waves obey HIm.Fear not, just trust in Him.
God, Trust, Jesus, Fears, STRUGGLES, trials
Can I Do Busy Better?
God wants us to work.He wants us to be busy.That is a gift or us, but rest is also a gift.If we follow God's plan,work won't be a chore
work, God, joy, rest, gift, busyness
Called to be Saints
It is crazy to think that all Christians are called to be Saints. We actually are saints at the moment we were born again. Live like it
God, holy, saints, special, called, closeness to God
Are we driving out evil,
The question for Christian this day is whether we would drive out evil or God.It seems as if evil is winning over God among His people.
God, Jesus, good, fear, evil, driving out
Who’s My Neighbor?
What is the definition of my neighbor? Jesus' definition is everyone is our neighbor, and we ought to treat them as so. Here's how.
God, Jesus, Compassion, care, kindness, NEIGHBOR
I Don’t Know If I Can Do
Our road in life is never easy, but God is with us and have promised to lead and guide us.Have confidence in God and Him alone for help
God, Jesus, courage, Victory, doubt, confience
Protecting His Own
Do we trust God, or do we trust man more? Remember, since we are family, God will protect us no matter who or what comes against us.
God, Trust, Jesus, Protect, his own, belong
Getting to the root of th
Like the paralytic, we as sinners all require forgiveness, before any healing can take place. Asked Jesus to forgive you first.
God, Faith, Jesus, forgiveness, healing, mercy
Why We Gather
As Christian, we should not forget assemble together, whenever the church doors are open.It's like going home to see our Beloved Father
Love, Family, God, church, encouragement, Gathering
Remember Your Pastor
We often forget this one thing: to pray for our pastors and elders of the church.They work for our benefit, so we must pray for theirs.
God, PRAY, ELDERS, Encourage, ministers, PASTORS
The tax collectors and Si
God calls those who know that they are fallen and hopeless lost to repentance and new life.The self righteous are left out due to pride
God, Jesus, Call, repentance, sinners, follow
The Secret Strength of Fa
As Christian, we are suppose to be strong and courageous in every situation,because we know our God is for us, and will never leave us.
God, Faith, hope, mercy , strength, never fails
Worship through fasting
Fasting seem unnecessary in the Christian life, until we experience the closeness of God through it. Fasting is a form of worship.
God, Jesus, joy, fasting, mercy , Worship
God's Hand in Your Life
It's a wonderful thing to go through Scripture and see all the mighty acts of our God, but He is still doing mighty works for us too.
Love, God, devotion, praise, Delight, Pardoned
The Lord carries our Burd
God doesn't do everything for us, but He does take up our burdens for us, and as long as we walk alongside of Him, He will help us.
God, Jesus, healing, strength, burdens, Yoke
Citizens of Heaven
We are the citizens of Heaven, even if we are still here beneath. Ours is the honor of knowing, being, and becoming the children of God
God, hope, rights, heaven, Privilege, citizen
We are Light
Though we are still sinners and still quite dark, but because we have accepted light into our heart, we now are light.
God, day, night, becoming, predominating, Possessing
Touching God, and Being T
It is so easy, but so hard to be touched by anyone or to touch someone, but God wants us to reach out and touch Him, and allow Him to.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, believe, Touch
God Sees Your Tears
God is always with us, even when don't feel Him. He doesn't like that we hurt, but He knows it is for our good. He is here for us.
God, tears, Jesus, pain, Disappointment, PRESENCE
Parents teach your childr
Though we are suppose to go out into the world and preach the Gospel, but the more important command is that we teach our kids first.
God, home, parents, teach, minstry, accepted work
When You Don’t Like the S
God allows pain and sorrow in our life to make us strong and grow our trust towards Him, not to destroy us. We will become better.
God, hope, character, glory, sorrow and pain, stroy
Established Through Suffe
God use suffering to establish in us a trust and a strength in Him that the world can never have. With every trial comes graces for us.
God, hope, trials, suffering, Graces, establish
THe Hardness of our Heart
Jesus shows His love to people in small tangible ways,that would cause the hard of heart to criticize.Are we like Jesus or the Pharisee
Love, God, Compassion, Pharisees, Afflicted, hard heart
The Persons of the Trinit
We do disservice to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, if we say that one is more important than the other.They are inseparable.
spirit, son, Father, co-workers, 3 in 1 essence, inseparable
The common among the 12
There was nothing special about the men Jesus sent out on His initial run through all Judea.They were just willing to learn and to do.
God, Jesus, obedient, example, the 12, Common Folk
How to Create an Uncommon
God promises us that if we are hangry for His word, He will satisfy us with his fellowship and His blessings. Are we willing to be?
God, angry, blessed, hunger, the word, satisfy
He is for us
No matter how hard it gets, life is worth fighting for because we know that He is for us. He will never forsake. He will protect us.
Love, God, hope, Victory, Favor, for us
Evaluate Your Anger
God never said that you can't be angry,for there is a place for Godly anger.But we normally have a sinful kind of anger lacking control
God, anger, evil, Self-control, MEEKNESS, gracious
Receive without payment,
God wants us to be generous, like He was generous to us with His gift of salvation, which cost Him is Beloved Son. Can we do the same?
God, generous, Trusting God, give, receive, without expecting payment
You are Invited
God invites us to invite Him into our suffering. He promise to strengthen us in our trials and build our character up in our weakness.
God, invitation, Endurance, character, THE LOVE OF GOD, suffer
The Wild Ride of Faith
Trial maybe hard, but it produces in us faith and joy. Knowing that God will be with us through everything is all we need.
God, Faith, test, joy, trials, encouragement
Knowing true Love
Mary Magdalene was fervent in her love for her Jesus. She sought Him before the dawn, and found Him alive in His glory. How about us?
God, Jesus, fellowship, searching, finding, Mary Magdalene
Don't Defile True Doctrin
The doctrine of God should be pure and undefiled by man's point of view or man's works.Jesus has done everything.Don't try to add to it
God, Jesus, Defilement, pure doctrine, watering down, man hands
God is in Control
As Christian, we must trust God, even when we face fierce oppression. God will provide us with everything, even the words we must say.
God, Trust, Jesus, Gospel, in control, give word
To Love Him Most
The more you love Him, the more He will reveal Himself to us. It doesn't matter how sinful you were, but how faithful you are now.
Love, God, Jesus, forgiveness, sin, Communion
Private Worship
The altar of god today lives in the life and the heart o our beings. Are we keeping the fire burning continuously, or is it going out?
God, Influence, prayer, the word, Altar, private devotion
He loves us that much
Jesus loves us so much,but also the Father.We are His children, and if He even care for the sparrow,how much more does He cares for us?
Love, God, Jesus, light, hope, trials
Depend Fully on Jesus
Everything we have comes from God, so why is it so hard for us to put our trust and our dependency on Him?God's blessing is all we need
God, Jesus, blessed, received, Given, depending on
Being Fruitful
Some may say that God is not very effective, but God doesn't want us to always be effective or perfection. He wants us to be fruitful.
God, Jesus, PERFECTION, Effectiveness, fruitfulness, rooted
Know Your Election
Some want to know if they or the person they are leading to Christ are elected before making the decision.Want to know, here's how.
Love, God, Jesus, hope, acceptance, election
Cost of following Jesus
Do you now that sometime you will be hated, even by your family, when you follow Jesus. Jesus already warned us. Here's how.
God, Jesus, Sacrifice, Betrayal, cost, picking up your cross
Finding the Soul‑Rest Jes
Jesus will provide us with a complete rest that only He can, only if we receive it. This soul rest is given to those who trust God.
God, soul, Faith, Trust, Jesus, rest
Help the Stragglers
As Christian,we are both to stand our ground in the front lines to win the battle,but we are also supposed to look after the stragglers
God, Faith, Jesus, strong, rear guard, Straggler
Our Cities
There were 3 cities that Jesus condemned for their lack of repentance and faith. Let us look at ourselves and our cities, and repent.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, Cities, Unrepentant
When Negative Thinking St
We often times allow the world to share our thought processes,and allow negative thoughts to keep us from our calling.Let God change us
God, Jesus, obedience, courage, fear, negative thoughts
Who Are You Looking For?
In the best days or the roughest days, who do we look to or look for? Do we look for God or man? The answer will help you cope.
God, Faith, Jesus, hope, searching, Looking for
The Glory of God
Through every trial, we are given a view of God's glory, power, love, and kindness in our life.Without trials, we gladly take the glory
God, Man, Honor, trials, glory, conceit
Our Childlike Faith
We all see how a child simply put their trust in their parents for everything. God wants us to trust HIm in the same way, simply.
God, Trust, Jesus, hope, surrender, childlike
When People Hurt Your Hea
Are you in a dark place in your life right now? Just know that God is there for you to transform the ugliness of the moment to beauty.
God, Jesus, hope, healing, broken, Betrayed
Get Out of the Grind
We all have a job to do, whether great or small. We sometimes let it turn into a grind, not a joy. Slow down, and enjoy God's company.
work, God, Jesus, joy, celebration
He Was Made Sin
Our sins are cleanses by our Great Substitute, Jesus Christ. We lean on Him for everything, for He is our sacrifice for sin. Believe.
God, Jesus, sin, SUBSTITUTE, imputed, cleansed
A simple offering
Jesus made a child's meal more than enough for a hungry crowd of adults and children to eat. He can do more than enough for you also.
God, Jesus, Small, Blessings, abundance, offering
Lifted Up
God lifts up His children in their daily travels on this Earth. He carries us in our heaviness and when we fall, and He carries us home
God, Jesus, children, bless, carry, lift up
Is God’s Strength Still A
Where do you put your confidence in: yourself or God? If yourself, then you are limited. If God, then you have unlimited power with you
God, Power, Confidence, prayer, strength, FIATH
Center Our Desires
Where do you put your desires? Is it for yourself or for Jesus? Put all your thoughts and desires on Jesus,and He will give them to you
Love, God, Faith, Jesus, hope, to see
Accepting Jesus' gift
God made it easy for us to go to Heaven. We only need to believe in Jesus and accept His free gift of Heaven through the washing of sin
Are you to return to the
After knowing Christ, are we content to now jump head long into the world views and beliefs as Israel did? Jesus is asking us today.
God, Jesus, hope, world, joy, deceit and sorrow
Anticipate Heaven for a F
I can't wait or Heaven, can you? But we must wait and anticipate Heaven until His coming or when He calls us home.Just a little longer.
God, heaven, Peace and Joy, anticipation, graciousness, trials and sorrows
Trusting in Him
Trusting in Jesus in any age is hard; but He promises us, that if we put our sole trust in HIm for our souls the burden will be light.
God, Jesus, light, easy, Trusting, burdens
A Life with Extraordinary
Want to have impact in your life?All you need is to be willing,obedient,and be yourself,only then can God use you to impact the World.
God, Jesus, obedience, Willingness, Being One's Self, extraordinary impact
One Kind Thing
The world is commonly unkind and critical; so it is important for Christians to find one kind thing to say or do to brighten up a life.
God, Caring, world, considerate, kindness, critical and mean
My Husband Wanted Me to B
God wants us to be more like Christ. He uses our love ones sometimes to tell us that, since being more like Christ will give us joy.
God, loved, Confidence, insecurities, New self, old self
Away Then, All Fears
If God is for us, who can be against us? WIth this assurance that God is for us, we should never be afraid of those against us. God won
God, Faith, hope, joy, strength, secuirty
Something greater
There is something greater within all of us as we interact and love one another. That something greater is the presence of God in us.
Love, God, Jesus, hope, NEIGHBOR, Image of God
"Behold the man!"
Jesus face humiliation, sorrow, and great pains for us, because He loves us that much. If we will not behold the Man, how awful are we?
God, Jesus, humiliation, sorrow, The Man, our joy
Heaven's Marraige
Jesus loves His Church, and for her He willingly gave Himself for her.He promises to provide and keep her forever.For He hates divorce.
Love, God, Jesus, The Church, Provision, The Bride of Christ
The Hope of Life
Being a Christian, we have a promise of everlasting life. We will one day receive again our bodies and souls as we enter His Kingdom.
Life, God, death, Jesus, hope, joy
He Cleanses Me
Do you know that once you believe in Jesus,His blood automatically cleanses us from the past, the present, and future sins?Trust in Him
God, Jesus, the blood, FORGIVEN, cleanses, rid of all sins
One of Them?
As Christians,is there a difference from us and the world? Since we know that God loves us,should we be loving and obedient toward Him?
God, The World, Jesus, belief, actions, one of them in the world
The Kingdom of Heaven on
Like everything else in this world, the church consists of real and false believer. God knows who is who, and will separate them soon.
God, tears, Jesus, hope, heaven, wheat
Constrained on All Sides
What do you do in despair straits? Do you try to figure it out or hide? Or do you stand firm on God's promises and wait for direction?
God, joy, fear, difficulties, Stand firm, constrained
Something Greater is Here
Life is mess, but we don't have to give into that mess that we call our lives. There is something/Someone greater here. Trust Him.
Life, God, Jesus, hope, messes, something greater
Traveling Toward the Unkn
When we start moving toward the unknown, it could be scary and out of our comfort zone. But God show Himself when we step out and trust
God, hope, journey, fear, unkown, difficulties
When You Feel Invisible
There is no substitute for God when you need to feel hope,love,and seen.Yes, we can turn to people,but they will disappoint in the end.
God, DEPRESSION, hope, loved, Savior, feeling invisible
Faith and Virtue
We must be diligent in add all kinds of virtue to our faith. Not that we are adding it, but that God adds it when we stay close to Him.
Love, God, Faith, Knowledge, virtue, adding virtue
Sowing in good soil
Jesus ask us to sow seeds. It doesn't matter where it falls, He can use it for His purpose no matter where. Let our children take part
God, Jesus, good soil, thorny grounds, bad soil, Sowing Seeds
Consider the Promiser
The promises of God are precious to us, but sometimes we forget that the Promiser is more precious and worthy of praise. Consider Him.
God, Jesus, Grace, promise, mercy , Promiser
Ears to Hear; Eyes to See
As Christians,let us not be like the world who though they have eyes,they do not see;and ears they have,but they don't listen nor hear.
God, Jesus, Understanding, Knowledge, Eyes to see, ears to hear
Make Your First 5 Count
We don't know God as well as we ought, not because we don't have opportunities to know Him;we fail to understand the importance of it.
God, Understanding, devotion, Knowledge, PROVERTY, first 5 minutes of your day
Doing good
While on the Earth,Jesus went out of His way to do good. He would mostly do it in person and with love. We are called to this too.
God, Jesus, doing good, going out of the way, hope and joy, in person
The Prodigal Cat
God loves us. When we are lost, He goes, call our names, and finds and joyously embrace us. His love is what change us.
God, Jesus, joy, LOST, the prodigal, found
Guilty of Brutishness
We have all acted brutish toward our Beloved God and Saviour.He has been good to us,loved us and faithful,but we esteem it as nothing.
God, Man, Grace, Folly, brutishness, SiNfUl
Cultivating Good Soil in
Our heart is the soil in which the Word of God is sown.Let us cultivate our heart,so that it becomes good soil, in order to bear fruit.
God, Jesus, good soil, The Seeds, Types of Soil, MUCH FRUIT
I will no wise cast out
Jesus will no wise cast anyone out if they have come to Him for salvation.He will no wise abandon you when you fall short.He will help
God, Jesus, no way, mercy , adoption, cast out
Remember Failing and Grac
When we remember our failings and the Lord's mercy and forgiveness, does it bring us to sorrow, if not to tears? Sin causes pain for us
God, Jesus, forgiveness, Grace, mercy , remember
The Kingdom of Heaven
The Kingdom of Heaven is liken to hidden treasure or pearl of great price, where those who find it would forsake all to have it.
God, Kingdom Of Heaven, follow, Pearl of Great Price, forsake all, hidden treasure
Are You Taking Advantage
Have you talked to Jesus today? Have you taken advantage of His willingness to fellowship with us, to get close to Him? Why not, come?
God, Jesus, hope, Communion, Privilege, constant fellowship
God's Greater Good
We all start from small beginning, as small as a mustard seed. But God will grow it for Him glory, our benefit, and the greater good.
God, hope, glory, Greater Good, greater end, small beginning
Courage to Be the True Yo
Are you living a life that God wants you to live?Are you allowing people to dictate who you are?Let God show you who you are,not people
God, help, truth, belief, courage, Being yourself
Why Your Mess Matters
As Christians, we think that God wants us to look as if we have it all together. But the truth is that our messes are the best witness.
God, hope, Grace, mercy , Witness, messes
The Broad Field of Promis
There are much for us to hold onto as Christians.God's promises are great and our joy comes from them.Are we standing on the promises?
God, hope, joy, promise, mercy , Broad Field
The Good Seed And The Wee
We are sinners saved by grace, but yet we believe that we have become sinless, so we become conceited. We are sinners saved by grace.
God, Jesus, hope, weeds, Judgment, good seed
According to His Will
Everything is done by God's own providence for our help and His glory. He gives us free will, but in the end, His will will be done.
God, Grace, creation, WILL, Purpose, providence
Out of Love or Duty
How do we respond to the sacrifices we must face when serving the kingdom of God? Do we see the privilege as a duty or out of love?
Love, God, joy, DESIRE, Duty, response
Blessed is She Who Believ
Can we be honest with ourselves, today? Do we truly believe God's promises to us? We are blessed, if we do. It a choice to honor God.
God, believe, joy, Grace, Honor, blessed
When Strong Moms Feel Qui
You do all the right things in hopes that your kids will grow up to make the right choices, but they don't. You have to trust God in it
God, hope, Grace, strength, weak, mamas
The Light of Heaven
Jesus is the light of Heaven, but also the beauty, grace, love, honor, joy, and wisdom of His people. We are hidden in Him.
Beauty, God, Jesus, light, heaven, joy
Being Good Enough
We are all sinners, so whatever we do can never be good enough to force our way into Heaven.The good news is Jesus is our righteousness</