How do you earn mission points?

Sell: The greater your sales and the more customers you serve, the more points you earn. You earn when they click "Item (or service) received" on the products and services you list
Show: Invite a friend and show them how empowr works. You earn matching points: 1 point for each point they earn
Coach: Become a success coach and earn 2 points for every $1 in coaching bonus you receive
Step up: Take on any non-volunteer mission role to earn points while automatically growing the prizes on the Mission Wheel by up to 10 times

Your Mission Points

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What's the difference between 30-day and all-time mission points?

Earn matching mission points

Share your profile URL with friends OR select your contacts from your address book to invite them to empowr.

You earn matching mission points: 1 point for each point they earn.

Want more free coins? For a limited time, when you invite your friends to empowr, both you and your friend will receive 1 free empowr coin for every empowr coin they purchase. Details
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my mission points?

The more mission points you have, the more coins you win on the Mission Wheel.

The Mission Wheel pops up each time you hit your daily goal.

Is there a maximum number of mission points I can earn?

There is no limit! Keep increasing your mission points to win lots of empowr coins daily to shop with, and to convert to U.S. Dollars (or your local currency).

How long do I earn matching mission points from my friends?

You earn matching mission points from your friends for their first 180 days as an empowr citizen.