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The Opportunities of Today

   The Opportunities of Today  I thank God for you today that you are alive and well enough to read this blog. Wherevever you are and whatever you may have done, know this God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ loves you and desires you to be saved and delivered from you addictions and bondages. Do not take for granted the fact that you are alive today. Some were alive yesterday and today they are no more. See what happened in America yesteday where 14 people working in a 'peoples disabled facility' were murdered ! We are alive ONLY by the abundant grace of God. That is why , today presents another opportunity to choose the eternal and life changing opportunity to acknowledge God and accept the lordship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It will be the most invaluable and most rewarding choice you ever made. The bible says, beware ' the devil is like a roaring lion roaming about seeking who to devour '. You are in a battle everyminute of your life with the agents of the evil one whose agenda is to 'kill, steal and destroy'. Not