Welcome to the world's first democratic social economy......where you earn by simply posting.

While empowr looks & feels familiar, it's actually quite different.

Therefore, you will want to read the below product descriptions and terms carefully, as empowr is an incredibly rich and complex economy that includes various novel and interconnected products, roles and ways for you to earn, paid subscriptions, services and dynamic features, all designed to improve your life and, ultimately, make the world a better place.

Democracy means...

... you're in control of empowr

empowr is managed by its president, who’s elected by its users — called “citizens”. You could be empowr's next president!

Use your voice to influence empowr's products and policies.

Democracy works when you’re empowered.

... empowr's profits go to you

Our mission: To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.

Learn all the ways that empowr helps you earn, below.

Simply keep your earnings set to "ON" to experience all that empowr has to offer!

In true democracy, the power and the money belong to the many — not the few.

... earn by doing what you're already doing online

Say something. Every time it gets “liked”, you earn!

Post a photo. When it’s liked, you earn!

Share a YouTube video. When someone likes it, you earn!

Notice a pattern? Democracy pays!

... a new currency for the people

empowr cryptocurrency coins, pre-coins and U.S. Dollars are the three forms of currency accepted in empowr.

In empowr, you earn empowr coins and pre-coins as follows:

  • You earn pre-coins when others like or comment on your posts.
  • You earn coins from services and products you provide (sell) to other empowr citizens.

Use your coins to buy any of hundreds of thousands of products and services; or hang on to them for your future.

Use your pre-coins to increase your power level, which opens many benefits to you, and even convert some pre-coins to coins by spinning the “mission wheel” once a day.

There’s nothing quite like earning and holding the cryptocurrency of the world’s first democratic social economy!

... even more opportunities to earn

Got something to sell? Set the price (or put it up for auction) and keep 85%.

Got a service to offer? empowr brings you customers and automatically bills them each month — depositing your 85% share into your balance.

Love helping others? Teachers are amongst the top earners within the empowr democracy.

Democracy means there are always new opportunities coming your way.

... free education

All empowr citizens are entitled to free personal guidance from community experts called "success coaches".

Choose from success coaches that speak your preferred language.

Got a question? Just ask! Success coaches want you to succeed. Oh, did we mention that this service is totally free of charge?

A democracy only succeeds when its citizens learn how to succeed.

... upward mobility

In empowr, the fastest way to get ahead is with monthly power user subscriptions, priced from as low as $6. Power users get much more attention — which means significantly more views and earnings.

And guess what?

Your first month's subscription, at the lowest power level, starts today for free! You can pay for future months using your pre-coins, coins, credit card or PayPal. If you choose to use your empowr pre-coins and coins to pay for subscriptions, and get in the habit of posting daily, it is possible to use only your profits to work your way up to the highest power level without spending a penny of your own money.

To help you keep moving up and up, we'll upgrade your power level when your empowr pre-coin profits allow, immediately increasing your daily earnings potential. Be sure to visit your power user settings to understand the options available to you.

Upward mobility is what true democracy is all about.

... you can shop or save for your future

Shop to your heart’s content, choosing from thousands of products and services from all over the world.

Use your coins for shopping in the empowr marketplace or save them for your future.

The moment you start earning, an innovative maturation process begins, opening different doors and possibilities for how you can spend and save.

Coins earned in any month can be transferred to your external digital wallets 90 days after the month.

And guess what?

Your Maturation is automatically reduced from 90 days, to as little as 0 days, as you enter the top power levels; or, enter the top 50% of performers; or, are consistently improving your performance in the economy.

Why maturity?

The maturity process was designed to keep earnings in the community. In fact, that's why your most matured coins are always utilized first. When more citizen earnings are kept in the community, those earnings remain available for purchasing your products, services and premium content, leading to more earning opportunities for you and a more robust economy for all empowr citizens. A robust economy is a prerequisite to accomplishing our mission: “To empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence”.

Freedom means the power to earn. Earning means the power to shop and save.

... collaborative experimentation

It's no secret: Democracies can lead to robust economies that raise the standard of living. This is accomplished by creating incentives via constant experimentation, creative destruction and innovation.

Please be aware that empowr is an exceptionally complex platform that’s still in its infancy despite the many years invested into it by engineers, economists, cognitive scientists and others.

As you may know, until recently, empowr was in “closed alpha” — no new registrations were allowed for many years — so we could experiment, fail and innovate without upsetting many citizens during the tedious process. Many people asked us to move to “open alpha” so they (you) could sign up and join the experiment in progress. But we must ask you to only join if you’re really up to the challenge.

By participating in the “open alpha” version of empowr you could lose money, friends and maybe even your first born child. Just kidding about your first born — but you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are one of the first to contribute to a grand experiment that is attempting to build a better future for people everywhere.

Please, exercise free will and don’t join this experiment if you don’t have the time, money or patience to spare. This experiment will be messy, and it just might take a lot of all those things (time, money and patience) from all that choose to participate.

And did we mention that, while we’re still in the Alpha phase, we reserve the right to refuse service (that is, delete your account despite all the treasure, blood, sweat and tears that you might have poured into it) without specifying a reason that’s acceptable to you and without warning? If we haven’t scared you away before, perhaps that will.

Look, we just want the opportunity to operate an experiment with people that, like us, have their eyes wide open for the difficulty that comes with this type of experiment, especially at such an early stage.

OK, so you’ve been warned. Welcome to some difficult territory. Together, let’s work hard to make it much less difficult — perhaps even easy — for the others that will hopefully join us in the years to come, if and only if together we actually succeed at making this mission a reality.

By joining empowr, you're setting your empowr earnings to "ON" which activates all the roles and ways for you to earn, capabilities, paid subscriptions, services and dynamic features mentioned on this page. You can turn your earnings to "OFF" or even delete your account at any time and owe nothing to the platform. If you're uncomfortable with the uncertainty that comes with an experimental and complex platform, we strongly recommend that you not use the empowr platform at this time, and return for another look in a year or two. Otherwise, we look forward to serving you.

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