Product Analyst

Job Description

What's next in the world of social networks?

Empowr ( is building the world's first social economy. What's a social economy? A social economy is taking the best of what you love about your favorite social network and allowing you the opportunity to monetize your time while you're there. It could be blogging about your passion, selling goods and services or using your expertise to help someone else become successful. We are building a platform that will enable the community to help itself through crowd-sourcing the expertise in the community. We will empower the community to help each other so that everybody wins.

What is empowr looking for?

We're looking for someone who loves numbers and loves business.

You might be called an analyst, statistician, business intelligence analyst, or economist. Ultimately, you use numbers to drive results.

You'll watch our stats (we have more than you can imagine); decide which ones matter; spot trends; propose, implement, and measure strategies to increase revenue; and improve margins. You'll tell us things about our users that we didn't know.

Technical expertise required:

Our data currently comes mostly from our own databases and raw usage logs. You'll be able to look at these sources, suggest things we might be missing, and make sense of it all. We want our users' behavior to drive our priorities and tell us if we're on the right track.

Finding answers to questions like, "What's the average time spent on the site for users that signed up 6 months ago vs 1 year ago?" or "How many times does a user have to see a prompt before taking action; and which prompts work the best?" or "Long term, is it better to charge all-you-can-eat or with micro-transactions?" will be fun for you and valuable for all us. We'll use these answers to make decisions that will have a significant impact on our business.

The ideal candidate:

You've either done this job before, or used these skills to make an impact on some kind of project. You have a strong background in statistical analysis and the degree or body of work to show it. You know how to automate the retrieval and reporting of the data so you can stay strategic.

Why should I join empowr?

By now you've probably seen our website and the answer should be simple: you want to be a part of a team that's going to create a game changing social economy. You want to help build a social economy with the potential to touch and help billions of users across the globe. You will get to help shape the product and company as we scale and grow. You will get to work with a world-class leadership team, as well as specialists across technology, design, program, and strategy who have unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the social networking domain.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in downtown San Diego. If you're a great candidate, but not in San Diego we are happy to help you relocate.

Contact us at to learn more!